Jamie MacArthur

Staff Director
Atlantic Canada

Staff since: March 2020 Jamie is privileged to encourage and supervise current staff, while also recruiting and supporting teams for new and existing student ministries throughout the Atlantic provinces. He […]

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Josephine Tam

Campus Minister
Calgary High Schools

Josephine works with international students to help them discover Jesus and begin their walk with Him. She loves growing in friendship with students and seeing them come to know Jesus […]

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Laura Murtagh

Staff Candidate
High Schools - Toronto

As a High School Minister I seek to encourage and build up university students in faith, leadership and love. Please contact me if you want to know more about the […]

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Marcus Chan

Campus Minister
Calgary High School Ministry

Marcus is strategically involved in the mission to see the gospel spread to all youth in Calgary. He starts new InterVarsity clubs in high schools, as well as supporting leaders […]

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Sherri Goethe

Staff Director

Staff since: September 1998 Sherri oversees InterVarsity’s campus ministry in Alberta. She equips staff to help young people understand the goodness of the good news of Jesus. She loves to […]

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Soo-Ah Hong

Campus Minister
High Schools - Toronto, University of Toronto (St. George)

Staff since: September 2021 Sooah loves to encourage and journey with high school and university students in their walks of faith. She does this by asking questions, leading Bible studies, […]

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Vanessa Kordupel

Calgary High School Ministry Director
Calgary High Schools

Staff since: October 2012 Vanessa supports a team of staff who work with youth on the frontlines, creating safe spaces for teenagers to ask questions about how faith is relevant […]

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