Your work matters to God.

Graduating and starting work is a significant period of change. New cities, new co-workers, the loss of familiar rhythms and the addition of new ones. You might be the only new person in your workplace, or you might be part of a new group; you might get a job in the area you studied, or it might be completely unrelated; you might love your workplace, or you might find it hard. Change is an exciting part of life, but it can be challenging. No matter how the transition is going for you, our workplace groups provide a context where you can process this transition in the company of friends.

We have a growing number of workplace groups and internships that provide opportunities to meet with others who are seeking to discern how to live as witnesses to Jesus in the workplace and do good work.

Join one of our Work Place community groups in British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec.

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How do community groups work?

Community groups typically meet twice a month – one of the meetings is a small group discussion where we might read a book together on faith and work or study a bible passage and talk about how it applies to our work. The other is a time for encouraging each other about the practicalities of being a Christian in the workplace and opportunities to learn from some hard-earned lessons from those who are further down the road of integrating their work and faith. We also hope these groups will be places where you form strong friendships, enjoying activities that are not work-related.
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We want to plant Workplace community groups across Canada, but we will need your help!

We currently have Workplace community groups in British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec. We hope to start more community groups across Canada, but we need your help! If you are interested in helping to plant a Workplace community group in your area, let us know, and we can get started together!
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