Abraham Ahn

Accounting Officer
National Resource Centre

Staff Since: November 2021. Abraham is passionate about seeing students and young people discover the love of Jesus. He enjoys building relationships with students, ministry partners, and staff and assists […]

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Aimee Allen

Director of Missions & Campus Minister for Nova Scotia
National Resource Team

Staff since: 2016 Aimee has been involved with InterVarsity since her undergraduate degree, serving as a student leader, and participating in Global and Urban partnerships, as well as attending several […]

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Alejandra Warkentin

Human Resource Generalist
National Resource Team

Staff since: April 2006. Alejandra (hereafter Ali) supports the ministries of InterVarsity by advising organizational policies, procedures and documentation, both routine and complex. She loves that she contributes to a […]

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Andrew Morinaga

Graphic Designer
National Resource Team

Staff since: October 2012 Andrew creates graphics to communicate in style with staff, students, campers and partners of InterVarsity. He is passionate about seeing people come to Jesus and become […]

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Anne Douglas

Director of Coaching
National Resource Team

Staff Since: May 2014. Anne loves walking alongside young people and creating experiences for them to encounter Jesus through worship, community, scripture and service. She leads a coaching team for […]

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Archi Balakumaran

Campus Minister, Artist-in-Residence
OCAD University, National Resource Team

Archi works on campus and nationally to equip students, staff, campers, volunteers, and other friends of InterVarsity, to discover and harness their creative gifts to be used to further the […]

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Carl Chang

Accounting Manager
National Resource Team

Staff since: September 2012 As a National Services Staff I seek to resource the camp and campus ministries so that youth, students and graduates are built up in faith, leadership […]

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Cathy Luce

Executive Administrator, Presidential & Corporate Affairs
National Resource Team

Staff since: June 2011 Cathy supports the President of InterVarsity. She also works with the Board. She has 15 years of experience in human resources. She loves hearing stories of […]

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Daiane Alecrim

Finance Officer
National Resource Team

Staff since: July 2021. Daiane is passionate about seeing students encounter Jesus and the discover the powerful message of the cross that transforms hearts and reorients young people’s entire lives. […]

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Dan Clubine

National Project Manager
National Resource Team

Staff since: February 2009 Dan provides leadership direction to projects that have strategic value to the organization. His goal is to remove systemic barriers that keep InterVarsity staff from being […]

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