Jamie MacArthur

Staff Director
Atlantic Canada

As InterVarsity’s Atlantic Staff Director, I work in partnership with students, staff, volunteers, churches and other ministry partners, so that together we may see God introduce students to Jesus, at high schools and universities all across Atlantic Canada. I encourage and support the development and leadership of student fellowships in educational institutions throughout our region, so that students everywhere may have the opportunity to discover Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord. With a wide network of other believers, I seek to encourage students in our schools and universities to investigate the life and teachings of Jesus, to live according to the pattern He demonstrated, and to welcome others to get to know Him personally, through Bible reading, prayer, and fellowships of like-minded Christian students. Students and teachers, profs and parents, pastors and youth pastors who want to encourage their youth to grow in the Christian faith, are encouraged to contact me, so that I may help connect their students with staff and volunteers who will mentor and train them to become more educated in their faith, just as they are becoming more educated in other areas.