Becoming a Global Christian

By Cassidy, McMaster University Student Leader
World Assembly was truly an eye-opening experience that pushed me to consider how I live out my faith here in Canada. I began thinking globally and acting locally. To live an undivided life, I seek to pursue God’s heart and will for my life and my campus rather than conforming to the patterns of the world. Allowing Jesus to enter into and transform every aspect of my life has allowed me to recognize that all I have is not my own, but belongs to God and should be used for His glory.


At World Assembly, I learned about what the Christian life looks like globally. We explored the book of Psalms and the theme ‘Tabah dan Tangguh: Witnesses in the University and Beyond’ through sermons, seminars, small groups, and the arts.

An Abundance of Wisdom

As small group leader I was encouraged as people from USA, Tanzania, and Nigeria shared their abundance of wisdom and offered practical steps to reach students on my campus. They encouraged me to integrate my campus group more into campus life by fostering meaningful conversations with non-Christians on campus and inviting them to serve at local organizations with our group.


In Psalm 9, David is touched by God’s goodness and is compelled to share what the Lord has done for Him. In verse 11 he writes “Sing praises to the Lord, who sits enthroned in Zion! Tell among the peoples his deeds!” When we studied this Psalm at World Assembly, I was touched by David’s exclamation of God’s goodness, and after hearing the stories of many other attendees, I began to see the true value of sharing how God has transformed your life.

Joyfully Sharing God’s Goodness

I want to share the joy of the Lord with others by talking about His goodness, how He has cared for me, and how He transformed my life. While studying Psalm 90, we discussed the brevity of life and the eternity we have in Christ. We considered how we can raise up leaders behind us and pass things onto the next generation. As a student leader, this has inspired me to examine how I can better serve the students in my campus ministry and encourage my fellow student leaders.


Holistic living for Jesus as a student is about finding balance and time to rest in the midst of a busy life. It is the constant pursuit of Christ and a desire to know Him and sit in His presence daily. Finding a Christian community that encourages growth, builds one another up, and leans on one another promotes holistic living for Jesus as you are able to pursue Him in fellowship.


World Assembly 2023 was an extraordinary and transformative experience. Through my time preparing for and attending the conference, I gained a deeper understanding of how God uses campus ministry to further His kingdom. Through speaking to other student leaders and having meaningful conversations, I learned a lot about how the Lord uses students and staff workers on campus to reach other students and fulfill His will for their campus.

Cassidy, a McMaster University student was one of 10 Canadian student delegates at the IFES World Assembly in Indonesia this past summer.
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