What is Urbana?

The Urbana Student Missions Conference explores the what, how and why of global mission.

Every three years, InterVarsity in Canada and the US invite you and thousands of others to embark on the spirit-led, multi-cultural adventure of Urbana. Come discover God’s invitation to you, as you hear from missionaries around the world and gain the tools and connections you need to step into that invitation.

Ready to be inspired by those who’ve gone before you, prayed for by those supporting you and empowered to go where God is leading?

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Urbana 2022

Why Go to Urbana?


Find clarity through 200+ seminars, one-on-one prayer ministry and a huge exhibition hall, where God will reveal how your passions, strengths and major align with his invitation for you

Learn and worship in new ways as the music, arts and Revelation studies at Urbana invite you to engage with different languages, cultures and ideas

Be challenged during plenaries as experts from around the globe explore what it means to live like Jesus in a broken world

Details about Urbana

Urbana 18 Recap


What kind of impact could one university graduate have on the world if they said “Yes” to Jesus’ invitation on their life? What about ten thousand?

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Canadian Student Leadership Track (CSLT)


How can we more effectively reach Canada with Jesus’ message? Through CSLT, one of many tracks you can sign up for at Urbana, you will hear stories shared from missionaries within the Canadian context and study Revelation with peers from every province. We want your voice around the table as we consider what it means to be missionaries in Canada!

Bring a Group to Urbana


Church, youth and campus leaders—we would love to collaborate with you to see more students and young adults engage with God’s invitation to them at Urbana!

If you’d like more information about sending a group to Urbana 22, Email Us.

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What Will Your Urbana Story be?

“My friend encouraged me to go with him even though I didn’t think I would be able to fully engage. But at Urbana, God gave me a love for people of other faiths and a purpose for getting my university degree which was so much bigger than simply making money or getting a piece of paper with my name on it.”
“At Urbana I learned so much – not just about missions but also about our own communities and what we have the power to do.”
“Because of Urbana, I grew into a stronger, more confident student leader, accepted the call to go on an overseas mission, and then three years later, co-led a team of 20 students and alumni to the next Urbana. Allow God to make a way for you!”
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