Alanna Waines

Director of Operations & LEAD Program Director, PCA
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta

Staff since: August 2016 (staff kid since 1989) Alanna journeys with interns and seasonal staff as they wrestle with questions about themselves, leadership, walking with Jesus, and living as a […]

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Bonnie Bales

Guest Group Coordinator & Bookkeeper
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta

Staff since: February 2016 Bonnie manages bookkeeping for both Pioneer Camp Alberta sites, as well as year-round guest group bookings for the Sundre site. She loves that her work is […]

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Daniel Waines

Site Manager - Sundre
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta

Staff since: August 2016 Daniel oversees maintenance of camp buildings, vehicles, roads, fences and everything on site. He enjoys working with his hands and has experience working in construction in […]

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Della Ganske

Summer Camp Registrar & Office Manager
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta

Staff since: January 2011 Della connects camper families to all things summer camp – helping with registration and all kinds of questions and preparations. She also maintains the website and […]

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Jenny Al-Adra

General Director
Pioneer Camp Alberta

With not only growing up at Pioneer Camp Alberta, Jenny has also been a consistent leader here for most of her life, even as she pursued other vocational callings and […]

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Jud Hillock

Jud Hillock

Sites Manager
Pioneer Camp Alberta

Jud loves spending time outside at his farm in Bergen and is active with motocross, hunting, camping, dance, skiing/snowboarding, paddle-boarding and taekwondo. Camp ministry has always held a special place […]

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Kevin Rempel

Program Director - Rocky Mountain House
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta

Kevin has been working and volunteering with Pioneer in various positions since 2011 and joined the year round team at the Ranch in 2021 as their Program Director. Kevin has […]

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Rachel Schmidt

Special Programs Director & Lodge Summer Director, PCA
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta

Rachel supports volunteers and seasonal staff as they adventure with kids at summer camp. She previously managed year-round programs and rentals. She loves helping young people find a place where […]

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Ruth Lewis

Executive Director
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta

Has been on staff with InterVarsity since: August 1980 Ruth gives leadership to staff at both Pioneer Alberta sites: the Lodge in Sundre and the Ranch in Rocky Mountain House. […]

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Sandra Hillock

Sandra Hillock

Guest Groups and Personnel Administration Coordinator
Alberta Pioneer Camp

Sandra has a long history with Pioneer. She grew up attending girls camp in Sundre and Rocky Mountain House, and met her husband of 23 years while working as the […]

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