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Don’t Forget About the Little Things

By Frank Liao   Happiness.   This is one of the most frequent topics that people want to explore and discuss about with me, So, people have experienced success along [...]

Ruth: A Portrait of a Leader

There is nothing and no one in the world that has neutral influence. Life constantly has its hands on us, for good or for ill. But for some of us, [...]

Watching and Willing

By Monica Lai   Often, I consider my workplace my missionary field since I work part-time directly in church ministry while also being a student at UBC but I am [...]

Slow Down

By Frank Liao SFU 4th Year Business Student   Have you ever stopped to think about why our lives are always so busy and overburdened?   Our lives always seem [...]

Students Creatively Adapt the Psalms

This semester InterVarsity students in British Columbia have been gathering online on a weekly basis to mediate and creatively respond to psalms of lament and psalms on praise. On October [...]