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As many of us are adapting to the changes of online education in this season of Covid-19, one of the opportunities this shift offers is connection across campuses in British Columbia. This winter we are creating communal learning modules that offer any student — from high school or gap year to college or university — opportunity to grow with a varied and diverse group of students. We want to grow in the ways of Jesus together. We want to let his good news speak to the issues of our day and context. We want to help students find their voices and participate in God’s work in the world.



Below are learning groups and modules that we are offering. We don’t recommend taking everything offered at once, so choose 1-2 maximum to take part in. Registration is now available for the winter semester.




Come discover the latest Interwoven reflections and join in the conversation with students who are practising how to follow Jesus on and off-campus.

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Do you attend a high school or university not listed above? Are you in a gap year, in transition or an alumni looking to be connected with a community?

Email us to connect with InterVarsity in BC