Use Your Summer Well with these 5 Tips

When summer rolls around, you can finally exhale. You got through two more semesters of non-stop readings, assignments and exams. You’re done. You made it. Now you can take some time off.




How do you make the most of a summer? With so many possibilities out there, it may be hard to decide. Or, it may feel like there aren’t any possibilities. How do you know what’s best?


To help you decide, we’ve put together five tips for making the most of your summer break. Read through them and pray for God to guide you to the right path.


1. Find a Job or Volunteer


Of course, these are popular choices for many reasons. Finding a summer job can help you pay the bills, get some work experience and save money for your next semester. It’s also a great way to meet new people and expand your network of friends.


If you’re in a position where you don’t have to work or you’re struggling to find a job, volunteering is a great option. You can get your foot in the door at a company or in a field that interests you. You can also make connections and make an impact in your community.


Consider working as a cabin or chalet leader at summer camp and help kids discover Jesus. You can also check online for remote or freelance work. Inquire with different departments at your school, too. They may be hiring!


Or, check out ways to volunteer in your area. Even with the current restrictions, you may be able to volunteer in-person. (Did we mention summer camp?) But there are even ways to become a virtual volunteer.


Searching for a job may seem extra daunting in this season, but you have options. If you’re feeling led in this direction, pray that God would open a door for you.


2. Take a Course or Learn a Skill


If you’re not working this summer or want to get a head-start on things, consider taking a course or learning something new! Often, there are fewer students in classes over the summer, meaning you’ll likely have more one-on-one time with your professors. Taking summer classes is also a great way to make up a missed course or get ahead on classes ahead of the fall.


But maybe you need a break from school. Maybe you want to learn something else, something new. Have you been dying to pick up a new hobby? To try a sport or take up an instrument? Maybe there’s a club you’ve been wanting to join but haven’t had the time to during the school year.


Whatever it is, give it a try this summer. Picking up a new hobby will fill your time in meaningful ways while giving you a break from the books.


3. Make Time for Rest


No summer break is complete without a little rest. It is a break, after all! So rest and recreation should absolutely be part of your summer rhythm.


It’s tempting to feel guilty for taking time off during the summer. You should fill your schedule with all sorts of productive activities, shouldn’t you? While being productive is good and important, it’s also important to balance your work with rest and fun.


The summer is a great time to read for fun or go sight-seeing. It’s extra time to call your grandma or video chat with your friends more often. You could even spend a portion of your summer unplugged from social media.


Take a true break. After getting through another year of university, you certainly deserve one!


4. Do a Digital Detox


Speaking of spending time unplugged, consider doing a digital detox this summer. Screen time has increased by leaps and bounds this year. And that can take its toll on our health.


A digital detox could look like spending one week each month off of social media, your phone or your computer. It might look like designating a few extra hours of screenless time each night before bed. Or you might decide to commit to avoiding screens altogether.


Whatever you can do, try to take a break from technology. Reconnect with nature and with activities you love that don’t require you to sit in front of a screen. Your body, mind and soul will thank you.


5. Pray and Prepare


Another great way to make the most of your summer is by using it to prepare for the next term. Ask God to show you how to prepare for the fall so that you’ll feel connected to your campus even from a distance. Ask him to give you a word or an image to focus on during the year.


Summer break is a great time to refresh the rhythm of prayer in your life, too. This is especially true if it fell to the wayside as school got busy. Ask God for grace and balance as you step into a new semester.


Make the Most of Your Summer


Summer vacation is a true gift. Make the most of it by putting your time toward things that will refresh you and get you ready for what’s coming next. And make space for God to speak into your plans and guide you.


Still unsure how to spend your summer? Try connecting with the InterVarsity group on your campus. See what they’re up to this summer.

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