How to Find Community on Campus

Congratulations! You’re about to make a big move and join university or college campus life.


This might be the first time you’ve been able to choose a Christian community for yourself. Finding your own Christian friends on campus and connecting with a local church on your own can be one of the most rewarding parts of first year.

Integrating into a new Christian community might feel daunting, but fear not. Here are some helpful tips to find a Christian community on campus:

Go to events

– Embrace Frosh week and engage in orientation activities put on by groups like InterVarsity
– Walk up to the Christian group tables during club days and say “hi”

Stay connected through social

– Join Facebook groups and follow Instagram pages to maintain a sense of community beyond physical gatherings
– Engage with their content and participate in discussions
– Turn on post notifications to stay updated on events and important announcements

Make campus ministry your community


– Join Bible studies, groups, worship nights, and social gatherings
– Immerse yourself in an environment fostering spiritual development

Go the extra mile

– Attend regular events and say yes when they ask for volunteers to help out
– Schedule coffee meet-ups to connect with others
– Request a one-on-one with your campus worker
– Arrange study sessions with new acquaintances
Your university experience is about more than academics. This is a time to find your people and grow in your faith with them.

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