Explore the Bible in a New Way at MARKcamp


Spend a week discovering who Jesus is and the invitation he wants to give you at MARKcamp. Step out of the classroom and onto one of our beautiful camp locations, where you’ll walk with Jesus and the disciples through excerpts from the book of Mark.

If you’ve been through the Mark tracks already, then dive into the waters of Genesis and see God reveal his hope for what our world could be like.

MARKcamp registration details will be posted early 2022.

MARKcamp at a Glance

  • 1 week unplugged with time to rest and be refreshed
  • 7 locations hosting MARKeast, MARKcentral and MARKwest camps
  • 10+ break time activities, from games, sports and crafts to prayer ministry, reflection and worship
  • 2 tracks studying Mark, called Mark 1 and Mark 2, which cover the first and second half of Mark, respectively
  • 1 track studying Genesis (location dependent)
  • 1 track studying Daniel (location dependent)

What You’ll Study


If it’s your first time at a MARKcamp, this is the track for you! You’ll study the first half of Mark’s Gospel and learn more about the way Jesus led and healed.


If you’ve been through Mark 1, then Mark 2 is the natural next step. You’ll step into the second half of Mark’s Gospel and explore themes of sacrifice and service.


What did God intend for us? The Genesis track helps shape our world view according to God’s intent for all of creation.


What could it look like to live as a Christian in a culture that does not honour God? Through the study of Daniel (chapters 1-7), we will explore what Daniel’s life and faith have to teach us about the ways we as Christians engage the cultural moment and secular age we find ourselves in. Prerequisite for this track is Mark 1 (you can choose this or Mark 2).


*The genesis track and the Daniel track are only available at certain locations.

From the Nest: Marknest Virtual Art Exhibiton

From the Nest – MARKnest Virtual Art Exhibition

As students across the country were exploring Mark during our virtual MARKnest camp, we invited them to flex their creative muscles and make some art! Art made in response to Scripture helps others to see Jesus in a new light and can allow both the artist and the viewer to engage with God in a different way. Check out the submissions!


Markeast and Markwest have become Marknest! We are shifting to an online platform. For all the details and to register, please click the sign-up button below.


British Columbia

Marknest British Columbia FAQ
If you’d like more information about MARKnest British Columbia, please contact Charis Goh.

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If you’d like more information about MARKnest Quebec, please contact Shu Yin Wong.


While we cannot come together physically at this time, we are still committed to finding ways to immerse ourselves in Scripture. We are thinking through how best to do this and will be in touch once we have all the details in place.



If you’d like more information about MARKwest in Alberta, please contact Vanessa Kordupel.


If you’d like more information about MARKwest in Manitoba, please contact Dave Birrell.

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Kingston/Ottawa, Toronto

If you’d like more information about Kingston/Ottawa, Toronto MARKcentral, please contact Shu Yin Wong.

Toronto/Southwestern Ontario

If you’d like more information about Toronto/Southwestern Ontario MARKcentral, please contact Matt.

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Atlantic Canada:

If you’d like more information about MARKeast, please contact Abby.

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What Will Your MARKcamp Story Be?

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This was my first time at a MARKcamp, and it was amazing. I got to spend quality time listening to and hearing from the Lord through Scripture and in my prayer times. I got to meet so many new friends and build strong relationships with them.
Day after day, every study, God was showing me new things…How much God is loving, how much he’s willing to show us if we just ask. It was a very refreshing and humbling time.
It was such an incredible time of realizing Jesus is capable of far more than I was really believing, and then experiencing that firsthand.