Life transitions can be challenging, but they also provide a great opportunity for growth. Join a cohort of recent post-secondary grads from across the country looking to integrate faith and life while transitioning into the working world. Receive mentorship as you live in community, learn about the practical implications of the Kingdom of God, and engage in your work missionally. Whether you’re interested in volunteering with InterVarsity on campus, becoming a barista, starting your engineering career, or working for a local church, we’re excited to journey with you as you take this next step of faith beyond school and into the workplace.

The Inside Scoop

The program runs for eight months, Sept 1st 2023 – April 30th 2024
What is the cost?
Each participant will need to fundraise $10,000 to cover room, board and program expenses. If this is new to you, do not worry!
We will work with every participant to help meet the goal.


What could I expect in a typical week?
Structured time will be spent in roughly three ways. About 10 hrs/wk will be spent individually and communally on spiritual formation, another 10 hrs/wk will grow Biblical competency and practical theology, and the last 20 hrs/wk will be spent at your work placement, applying Kingdom values to your work context. The time spent on spiritual formation and Bible competency/practical theology will be scheduled around the various work placement schedules. You’ll read books, receive mentorship, navigate cross-cultural dynamics, practice spiritual disciplines, get to know the city, cook for a crowd, and engage your hearts, heads, and hands.
Where would I live?
Participants will live at Ambrose House – a Christian discipleship community in the heart of downtown Montreal. Ambrose functions as a café and Airbnb, but most of the rooms are rented by young people who live there full-time, seeking to follow Jesus in community while they complete their studies. The QC Discipleship Year participants will live alongside these Ambrosians, participating in communal rhythms and responsibilities. Ambrose’s rooms are fully furnished. Discipleship Year participants will live two to a room. Ambrose House is located at 3422 rue Stanley, Montreal.


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