Why Kids Need Camp

We Want to Send 100 Kids to Camp!

The youngest generations are neck-deep in an anxiety crisis.
With an onslaught of information decrying social instability and a dim prognosis for the natural environment, worry is the teenage default. Swayed by a generation saturated with influencers, the pressure to be influential is suffocating. Unsure where to stand, young people are balancing perilously on the shifting sands of cultural righteousness.
Where will they find hope they can hold on to?

We have an answer.

As a place of childhood freedom and joy, summer camp cultivates hope. Healthy out-of-comfort-zone experiences at camp foster bravery and resilience. Being welcomed into the camp family creates a healthy sense of belonging and identity.
However, even more than the camp experiences themselves, we believe that in every generation, Jesus will bring peace. And at our camps we have a strategy to share the love of God with young people that works.
We give kids a break where they get to take a deep-breath of clean air. There are no phones or cities at camp – just lakes and fields, forests and friends. Then, through word and deed, campers meet God.
Through a relationship with Jesus, this generation will finally have a solid rock to stand on, a firm foundation to grow on, a refuge in times of trouble. They will have peace. They will have hope.
We need partners who can stand with us. Creating these spaces is difficult. Camp is expensive to run.

Help Us Send 100 Kids to Camp

We work hard to keep camp affordable. But still, for some families the cost of summer camp is out of reach. We want every child to have the opportunity to attend summer camp, regardless of financial circumstances.
Your donation to our camper scholarship fund will help us meet our goal of sending 100 kids to camp this summer. Help ensure that more kids have the chance to thrive and create lifelong memories.

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