We Go With God Into Undiscovered Territory


By Nigel Pollock


“We are all looking for clarity. When there is no roadmap, it’s hard for us to have certainty about the future.” As InterVarsity president Nigel Pollock walks alongside the Etobicoke Creek near his home in Toronto, he reflects on these complicated days.

“God’s word,” says Nigel, “gives us wider perspective and an immediate view of what is in front of us.” It’s both a light to guide us and a lamp to our path. In InterVarsity, the power of God’s Word has been foundational to our work among youth and students for more than 90 years.
“There is always gospel opportunity, no matter the situation we find ourselves in,” says Nigel.
“We have been living through dark times. The global pandemic creates significant challenges for leaders in government, health care and the economy. We know that many in the InterVarsity family are on the front line of responding to these challenges.”
This is a season marked by disruption, disappointment and missed opportunity. Our staff, volunteers, student leaders and summer camp staff are experiencing this in so many ways. Schools are locked, special end-of-year ceremonies cancelled and more and more summer camps are being shuttered. We grieve all the losses that come because of these limits. Our FAQ provides more details about how we are responding specifically to the challenges of COVID-19.
“Through it all,” Nigel continues, “our staff are creatively rising to challenges, moving student ministry online. Our camps are doing virtual campfires, reaching out to campers and looking for ways to serve.”
There is great sadness that our camps stand empty. Not being able to run summer camps is extraordinarily hard. Gifted camp staff and volunteers are keenly disappointed not to be able to see 10,000 campers across Canada have fun and discover more about Jesus.
“Despite these difficulties, our mission continues,” says Nigel. “We will see more creativity from our high school, campus, camp and workplace teams as they reach out to young people.”
As people interact with Jesus, what is chaotic and confusing becomes clearer. “We pray that we will continue to engage with God, to seek his face. We have a call to be bridges, expressing gratitude, showing love and communicating the good news of Jesus to those around us.
“In InterVarsity we don’t talk about getting back to normal. We talk about going with God into the new world … that undiscovered country.”
We hope you will go with us and we welcome hearing from you. Please feel free to reach out to Nigel by email if you would like to hear more about how we are doing. He would love to hear how you are doing as well.
Thank you for praying for us, encouraging us and giving financially as you are able. Your support in this season is a great gift.


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