Urbana is Where You Need to Be in December

Walking into the America’s Center Dome in St. Louis, you feel what it’s like to be surrounded by a sea of 16,000 other students wrestling with where they fit in God’s global mission. Students from right next door to around the world, all wondering the same thing you are:

What does God have for me? What is his calling on my life?

And friends, at Urbana, you find out.


God Will Meet You, God Will Speak


It could be in the prayer room where someone sits and listens to God with you, someone who receives images and words that speak to your questions; it could be in the seminar entitled At the Intersection of Church and Business, where you learn how to integrate your faith as a for-profit employee.

Or maybe it happens during worship, where you’re touched by the Arabic language and feel God’s invitation to minister to Muslims overseas. It could be while you study Revelation or listen to a talk on justice and mercy for the impoverished, and you’re stirred to start an outreach movement in your own city.

There are so many moments at Urbana, and despite the sea of people, the rush of events, the demands of your schedule, God will find you in those moments and he will speak.

This is why Urbana is where you need to be. Because you will hear from God amidst an incredible multicultural community of believers who are all there with similar questions, worries and hopes.


But What About…

The Cost

Urbana is expensive, yes. However, registering now means taking advantage of a reduced early bird price. This price goes up June 30th, so the longer you wait, the higher the cost will be.

As the summer approaches, remember that you have time to reach out to your community or put aside some extra money from your summer job.

God will provide a way for you to be at Urbana. Because he has a calling for you and wants you to know it.

The Holiday

Urbana takes place December 27th-31st, which is perfect because you can be with your family for Christmas and still make it to St. Louis. You can plan ahead to study for your post-holiday exams before the break. You can ring in the New Year dancing with 16,000 other people (there’s nothing quite like it). It’s five days that could change your life. And it’s worth it.

Will We See You There?

Urbana is where you need to be in December. But don’t just take our word for it. Ask God to speak to you about it. Ask him to guide your decision-making, to provide the funds and make a way during the holidays. Ask him to open a door, if that’s where he wants you to be in December.

And then take a leap of faith to go where he invites you to go.

Are you ready to discern your place in God’s global mission? You can register for Urbana18 at www.urbana.org. The Super Early Bird price is available until June 30th. If you’d like to donate to help send Canadian students to Urbana, please visit https://ivcf.ca/donate/ and designate your gift to ‘Urbana Scholarships’.

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