Still on the Fence about Urbana 18? This May Help You Decide.

“God has designed and actively invites each person to participate in bringing about the fulfillment of his purposes in the world,” says Ruth Hubbard, Intervarsity/USA Vice President and Director of Urbana. “Living as a whole-life, whole-world disciple requires commitment and intentionality,” she continues, jumping quickly to the bottom line. “At Urbana 18 we will call every participant to commit to living as a faithful witness under the authority of Jesus.”

At Urbana, thousands will discern where God is calling them. Through the study of Revelation, conversations in the exhibit hall with mission practitioners, testimonies and teaching in the plenary sessions and seminars, prayer ministry, coaching, worship, and so much more, students and guests will be challenged to consider what it means to live as a faithful witness.

And there’s still time to register. If you or your friend are on the fence, consider these four reasons from Ruth as to why you should be there:

1. God Will Raise Your Eyes

Urbana helps you see beyond your everyday experience of life. Ruth puts it this way: “Everyone walks into Urbana carrying the baggage and weight of life. We come with a view of what the world is like and how it works and who God is. At Urbana, God shows us that the horizon is farther out. The world is bigger, the needs are bigger, and God’s love is more than enough.”

At Urbana, you will hear unfiltered stories of faith in the midst of persecution. You will face the realities of missionaries all across the world. And you will be challenged to lift your eyes to see how and where God is working

2. You Will Find a ‘Moment’

“For some, it will be through the arts, for others through the inductive Bible studies or the community events that happen,” says Ruth. “But our prayer is that everyone who attends would have a moment where they feel like Urbana was made for them, where they think: Ah, THIS is how I connect with God!”

Which of these will God use to speak to you?
  • Bible expository and plenary sessions
  • Small group Bible studies
  • Breakfast…or lunch or dinner times
  • Worship in other languages
  • The prayer ministry rooms
  • Nightly roommate chats
  • Seminars on topics related to your interests and studies
  • Waiting in line for the bathroom
  • Articles in Urbana Today
  • Passing comments from your friends
  • That moment just before you fall asleep

 When you come to Urbana, get ready to connect with God in new and unexpected ways!

3. See Where You Fit in God’s Restorative Vision

“I believe God created the world with an intentional design,” says Ruth. “And that when humanity chose to rebel against that, relationships were broken—between humanity and God, each other and with creation; it was all broken.

“God has chosen to restore his design—to make things right. And he invites us to join him in that. Not to go and ‘save’ people, but to move into spaces where we, through what we say and do, bear witness to God’s faithfulness, goodness, light.”

Whatever talents and passions you were created with, Jesus will invite you to consider how to use them for the benefit of those who aren’t in a relationship with him. And that could look like working for a tech company overseas, moving back home and returning to school, or facilitating Bible translation with a team of mother-tongue translator. Or, “it could look like parents with young children getting together to see how they can live out mission together in a world of two-year-olds and Cheerios.”

Are you ready to find out where God is calling you?

4. Embark on a Journey of Revelation

“Revelation is a complex and often misunderstood text. The first chapter gives us many clues about the heart of the text as a revealing of Jesus,” says Ruth.  “Revelation doesn’t hide the fact that justice requires judgment,” she continues, “but the focus of the text is not on the ‘end’ or on ‘judgement’, but rather the beginning of God’s eternal kingdom.”

Each day, you will dive deep into passages from the book of Revelation in a large group manuscript Bible study. You’ll also attend plenary sessions, each one designed to give you a greater understanding of another portion of Revelation.

“I believe studying Revelation together will be refreshing and faith-building. Revelation gives us an opportunity to see the extraordinary beauty of who Jesus is in all his glory.”

Invitation and discovery await you at Urbana18. Have you registered?
For more information and to register before the conference, visit

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