Remembering Rev. Dr. Tim Tang

Rev. Dr. Tim Tang gave joyfully and generously to InterVarsity’s community and ministry in more ways than we could fully articulate.  We deeply grieve his unexpected death and hold his family, friends, colleagues and many communities of faith in our prayers.

Tim served as an InterVarsity board member for the past six years, providing invaluable guidance to our mission. He was often among us as teacher, helping us grow in our understanding and appreciation for the multi-faceted, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural kingdom of God. He was a friend and mentor to many of our staff, students and alumni. He was often an active participant in our ministry, taking his family to camp and his adult son to the Urbana Missions Conference.

Over this past week, he and his family have been often in our thoughts and conversations. Following are some remembrances from our community:


Puiwing Wong, InterVarsity Board Chair

Rev. Dr. Tim Tang and I joined the InterVarsity Board at the same time in 2017. My first impression, which turned out to be totally true, was that Tim was a wise and fun-loving person whom I would love to know. I remember fondly the conversations we had when Tim drove me and two other Board members to and from Ontario Pioneer Camp in 2018. His love for his family, his church, and the TIM Centre, and his genuine interest in people were delightful and inspiring.

Being a Canadian-born Chinese, Tim embodied the best traits of both cultures: confident, creative, respectful, and harmonious. He always spoke graciously, and, when necessary, asked insightful questions gently to subtly persuade. His wisdom and encouragement were a precious gift to the Board. I have personally benefited from his observation and advice, which gave me a fresh perspective on service and leadership in Chinese churches, when I shared with him the challenges that I was facing. I had been looking forward to getting Tim’s thoughts on how the Board could move forward. I will miss his partnership and friendship.

Tim devoted his life to bridge intercultural gaps and to build the next generation of leaders. I have come across many young Asian leaders who speak admiringly of him. His labour in the Lord will continue to bear fruit for God’s Kingdom in many years to come.

Everyone who knows Tim would dearly love to have him with us longer on this side of heaven. Yet we trust that he is now receiving the commendation from our Lord, Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your master. We will meet Tim again.


Nigel Pollock, InterVarsity President

Tim has served on the InterVarsity Board throughout my time in Canada and has been a great help and encouragement. He was also serving on the board of Lausanne in Canada and making a significant contribution in helping many churches and mission agencies work through issues of inclusion, diversity and justice. Tim has invested in the youth of Toronto for three decades and has mentored and blessed countless younger leaders. He had an infectious enthusiasm, a humble spirit that belied his influence and a curiosity that fuelled his faith and engaged students and colleagues on that journey.

Of course those who knew him best will miss him the most and he leaves behind his wife Joanne, and their three children Tobin, Mathis, and Breylin, as well as wider family, many friends and a university and church community.

We do not mourn as those without hope, but we do mourn. This seems far too soon and his loss will be widely felt.


Janet Epp Buckingham, Board Member

It was a pleasure to serve on the board with Tim and we will all miss him. He brought an important intercultural perspective to our discussions. Apart from that, he was very funny and made meetings enjoyable.


Michelle Jenkins, Board Member

I am grateful for Tim’s Godly wisdom shared with such kindness, humbleness and humour.


Kevin Livingston, Board Member

Tim was a precious gift in my life, both as a fellow IVCF board member and also part of the Tyndale University community, where we both served. I appreciated Tim’s passionate love for Christ’s global and multicultural church, despite all its weaknesses, to be an instrument of God’s mission of redemptive love to the whole world. I will deeply miss him.


James Allaway, Workplace Ministry Director

Tim’s rigorous thoughtfulness and ability to communicate well with people from different cultures was a gift and he really helped me navigate some of the challenges of adjusting to life in Canada. What I appreciated most of all was his kind and hospitable nature.


Lisa Shen, Chief Financial Officer

We remember Tim as a godly man and a faithful servant. His deep faith and boundless kindness touched numerous lives. His dedicated service to InterVarsity as a member of the board has left an enduring mark and will continue to inspire us all.


Dave Easton, Director of Youth Development

What a remarkable friend. Tim had a way of grappling with deep truths in a way anyone could engage with.  An innovative and critical thinking academic, who was warm, accessible and caring.  I appreciated his fun sense of humour, thoughtful questions, squeaky shoes, and passion for the local church.


Gerry and Shirley Falk, Campus Ministers

We are grateful for the investment that Tim made in InterVarsity to help grow God’s Kingdom.


Tanner Kennedy, Campus Minister

Tim Tang was a Professor whom I was incredibly proud to learn from. He taught me valuable knowledge about intercultural competency. More importantly, Tim taught me humility by modelling a character worth aspiring to. I am grateful for his life, ministry, and example. I have confidence that he stands before the Lord as a beloved son of God. I look forward to meeting Tim again in the presence of our Father.


Vanessa Kordupel, Youth and High School Director

Tim was kind, pastoral, and always willing to encourage any staff or student he came into contact with. My interactions with him were always marked by him sincerely caring what was happening in my world as a director, and he always asked how he could pray for me, our staff and ministry. He spoke prophetically into cultural reconciliation in our movement, encouraging me to use my privilege to advocate for others and make space for those not yet welcome at the table.


Lynda MacGibbon, Vice President People and Culture

When I think of Tim, I smile, even as I am so saddened by his death and the great loss suffered by his family and so many others. His cheerful demeanor (even in difficult situations) his quiet humility (even with his expert knowledge), and his ready humour (even in serious meetings) were among the many gifts I experienced first hand. I am so grateful to have known him.


Kim Nguyen-Stone, Intercultural Growth and Engagement Director

Tim Tang has had a profound impact on many ministries across Canada, blessing thousands of people with both his wisdom and pastoral care. In recent years, he has encouraged and empowered my own intercultural leadership journey, and I’ll deeply miss partnering with him in our movement.


Stacey Stewart, Human Resources Director

My deepest condolences to Tim’s immediate and extended family. The gravity of his loss cannot be measured in words alone. Instead, the legacy that Tim leaves behind speaks much louder, especially in the many ways, big and small, that he touched each of us uniquely. I shall hold dear and remember Tim as a vibrant, kind, caring, inclusive, fun, deep-thinking, passionate, thought provoking, articulate, God-fearing soul. His spirit lingers and provides a positive example and encouragement to those who knew him, whether a little or a while, and to those who will come to know of him by way of the legacy he leaves behind, bearing testimony to his desire to exemplify Jesus in all he did. Rest in peace, Tim. You are dearly missed.


Funeral Details


Details regarding funeral services will be available through this link to Tim’s church, East Toronto Chinese Baptist Church.