• Dec. 1

    Beth Van Hoeve
    InterVarsity Undergraduate Staff Director, Nova Scotia
    That Nova Scotia staff will become fully funded.

  • Dec. 10

    Simon Davis
    InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Ontario Boys Camp Director
    For God to be preparing the hearts of campers to hear and receive the Gospel of Jesus at Boys Camp next summer and for many to register early.

  • Dec. 11

    Sevda Lindo
    InterVarsity Undergraduate, McMaster University
    For the Holy Spirit to be present in Bible Studies and to change lives; for Christian students to boldly invite non-Christians to discover Jesus in seeker studies, and wisdom for Sevda.

  • Dec. 12

    John Abraham & Grace Park
    Donor Services Representatives
    For vigilance and exuberance in all the details of processing and recording gifts in the busy year-end season.

  • Dec. 13

    Susie Colby
    Associate Vice-President, Campus
    For Susie and national leaders of various campus and youth ministries as they gather Dec. 13-15 to pray and bless one another while spurring each other on to reach this generation.

  • Dec. 14

    Pete Dearborne
    InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba Director
    For campers, volunteers and staff to find and enjoy encouraging Christian community to support them in their faith during the winter season.

  • Dec. 15

    Fran Purvis
    InterVarsity Undergraduate, University of Regina
    That students would grow both in intimacy with Jesus and in courage to share him with their friends. Pray this fellowship will continue to be a healing community.

  • Dec. 16

    Steve & Andrea Richardson
    InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Grand River (Brantford) Directors
    For GodÍs generous provision for a new vehicle soon and positive fundraising for a new pool house.

  • Dec. 17

    Melissa Melick
    InterVarsity Undergraduate, Wilfred Laurier University
    For a new student leadership team that is eager to share their faith with their peers.

  • Dec. 18

    Greg & Pat Gall
    InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Pacific, Operations & Maintenance
    For the campers during the winter months, that God would provide shepherds who would nurture the seeds that have been planted at camp. Pray for the staff to be replenished by God.

  • Dec. 19

    Kim Evans
    Vice-President Advancement/Strategic Ops.
    For GodÍs wisdom and encouragement as Kim gives leadership to the National Services staff team.

  • Dec. 2

    Matthew & Jill Church
    InterVarsity Undergraduate, University of Victoria
    For ñEat, Prayer, Love” ã our weekly presence in a public square ã where students engage their peers about the goodness of Jesus while offering prayer and free food.

  • Dec. 20

    Harin Watson
    Director of Operations
    For health and strength for the donor services staff as they manage the year-end donation volumes, and for donors to be generous.

  • Dec. 21

    Emily Crow
    InterVarsity Undergraduate Staff Director, GTA
    For Korean first year students to choose to connect with campus ministries to deepen and grow their faith.

  • Dec. 22

    Kevin Perry
    InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Halkirk Director
    For generous donations during the Christmas season for all our InterVarsity camps.

  • Dec. 23

    Sara Leggett
    InterVarsity International Students, University of Calgary
    That many international students would attend events connected to Christmas and hear the amazing news about God drawing near to us in the incarnation of Emmanuel.

  • Dec. 24

    Robin & Barb Exner
    InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Wolf Creek Director & Admin.
    For the right opportunities and words to connect with staff, alumni, donors, parents and campers as we celebrate Christmas.

  • Dec. 25

    Dan & Danielle Ingram
    InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Spruce Woods (Austin) Directors
    That staff who live far from their families will enjoy the joy and comfort of Jesus who came to them at Christmas.

  • Dec. 26

    Ruth Sangalang
    InterVarsity High School, Toronto
    For high school Christmas parties to be a time of celebration and for deeper friendships to form over shared food and fun.

  • Dec. 27

    Susan Norman
    InterVarsity Graduate Students and Faculty National Advocate
    For UBC grad students from nine different countries meeting on Wednesdays for a shared meal, Bible study and prayer. Pray for Susan to love and shepherd them well.