In this unprecedented time of life, we’re inviting you to take part in a collaborative photo challenge called Vignettes.

What is Vignettes?

Vignettes is a weekly challenge that begins July 8, all about reflecting on this season and the challenges and opportunities that have come with it.


The challenge is this: we present a new word each Wednesday, and you submit a photo sometime during the week that you think thoughtfully represents it.


Take time to think about what the word means to you. Go for a walk and see what inspires you. Once you have a photo that you feel encompasses the word, send it in with a brief caption that explains why you chose it. You can submit it below or tag us in your post on Instagram (@intervarsitycanada #vignettesphotochallenge).


Some photos from each week will be selected and featured on InterVarsity’s national Instagram account, and each photo that’s submitted will be added to our online galleries.


At a future date, when we can gather in-person, we’ll present all of the Vignettes submissions in a gallery show.

Who Can Take Part in Vignettes?

The Vignettes photo challenge is open to anyone who wants to creatively reflect on this season or simply have something fun to do. So, whether it’s your first time taking photos or you’re a seasoned pro, or if you’re 7 years old or 87…you are welcome to join!!

Are Other Art Forms Allowed?

Vignettes is first and foremost a photo challenge, but please don’t feel limited if you’d like to respond in other ways. If you’re inspired to write a poem or a song, make a short film or sculpt…by all means, create away and send us what you’ve got!

Why Vignettes?

Collaborative art-making transforms people and communities. At its heart is the idea that, “together we can create what we could never create alone” (Mark Cooper, Making Art Together).

So, let’s see what beautiful things we can discover and make and what stories and reflections we have to tell!

Submit your vignette

Week 1: July 8-14




Week 2: July 15-21




Week 3: July 22-28




Week 4: July 29 - August 4




Week 5: August 5-11




Week 6: August 12-18


Unexpected Joy


Week 7: August 19-25




Week 8: August 26 - September 1




Week 9: September 2 - September 8