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Dorothy Mihindukulasuriya

Campus Minster
University of British Columbia

Staff since: November 2023

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Ian Elliot

National Director of Evangelism
National Resource Centre

Staff since: August 1983 Ian encourages people to share their faith lovingly and consistently, through every part of their lives. He greatly enjoys being part of a movement that embraces […]

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James Allaway

National Director of Workplace and Strategic Ministries
National Resource Centre

Staff since: August 2019 (IFES staff since 2003) James helps recent graduates grasp how their work fits into God’s plans for the world, and how the training and formation they […]

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Janice Agustin

Campus Minister
Simon Fraser University (Burnaby)

Staff since: September 2017 Janice prays about what God is doing on campus, then joins in God’s work of healing and pointing people to Jesus. She empowers students to lead […]

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John Gall

Operations Manager
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Pacific

Staff since: November 2009 As a Camp Staff I seek to encourage and build up children in faith, leadership and love. Please contact me if you want to know more […]

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John Page

Board of Directors
Michelle Jenkins profile

Michelle Jenkins

Board of Directors Vice-Chair

Nyssa Clements

Campus Minister
British Columbia

Staff since: February 2011 Nyssa walks alongside undergraduate students as they grow in faith through studying scripture, praying together, and by sharing the love of Jesus on campus. Her passion […]

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Patricia (Tricia) Pearring Chen

National Resource Team

Staff Since: July 2021. Tricia spent 15 years doing missions works in East Asia, and as a student, she studied Intercultural Studies. She enjoys reading a good book and getting […]

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Susan Norman

Interim National Director of Graduate and Faculty Ministry
National Resource Centre

Staff since: October 2005 Susan is rebuilding faculty ministries across the country by encouraging local fellowships and creating networks for mutual encouragement. She is passionate about faculty learning to think […]

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