James Siebert

Campus Minister
University of Alberta

Staff since: February 2005 James welcomes international students to Canada and introduces them to Jesus. He helps followers of Jesus grow to love God and make God known. He loves […]

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Jenny Al-Adra

General Director
Pioneer Camp Alberta

With not only growing up at Pioneer Camp Alberta, Jenny has also been a consistent leader here for most of her life, even as she pursued other vocational callings and […]

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Josephine Tam

Josephine Tam

High School Minister
Calgary High Schools

Josephine works with high school ministry to help them discover Jesus and begin their walk with Him. She loves growing in friendship with students and seeing them come to know […]

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Jud Hillock

Jud Hillock

Sites Manager
Pioneer Camp Alberta

Jud loves spending time outside at his farm in Bergen and is active with motocross, hunting, camping, dance, skiing/snowboarding, paddle-boarding and taekwondo. Camp ministry has always held a special place […]

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Kevin and Cynthia Perry

Executive Directors
InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Halkirk

Kevin & Cynthia co-direct the Halkirk Circle Square Ranch, having been involved there since 1999. They live on the camp property and are raising their family there. Together, they have […]

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Kevin Rempel

Program Director - Rocky Mountain House
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta

Kevin has been working and volunteering with Pioneer in various positions since 2011 and joined the year round team at the Ranch in 2021 as their Program Director. Kevin has […]

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Madaline (Besharah) Deagle

Horsemanship Director
InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Halkirk

Staff since: June 2018 As a Camp Staff I seek to encourage and build up children in faith, leadership and love. Please contact me if you want to know more […]

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Melissa photo

Melissa Chettle

Campus Minister
University of Alberta

Staff since: September 2014 Melissa offers radical hospitality to international students. In the process she invites them to explore who Jesus is and become his disciples. She loves how as […]

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Rachel Schmidt

Special Programs Director & Lodge Summer Director, PCA
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta

Rachel supports volunteers and seasonal staff as they adventure with kids at summer camp. She previously managed year-round programs and rentals. She loves helping young people find a place where […]

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Roberta Christianson

Office Administrator
InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Halkirk

Staff on site since: 1992 Roberta manages the camp office including assisting camper families with registration, managing retreat bookings and staff applications. She loves contributing to a place where kids […]

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