Austin Fedchuk

Campus Minister
University of British Columbia

Staff since: September 2017 Austin helps students discover who God has made them to be by teaching them to study scripture and pray so that they can recognize God’s voice […]

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Ben Lau

Campus Minister
University of Calgary

Staff Since: August 2020. Ben loves working alongside university and college students, helping them discover Jesus and learn to follow Him in all aspects of their lives. Before joining staff, […]

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Bonnie Bales

Guest Group Coordinator & Bookkeeper
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta

Staff since: February 2016 Bonnie manages bookkeeping for both Pioneer Camp Alberta sites, as well as year-round guest group bookings for the Sundre site. She loves that her work is […]

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Brandon Kong

Campus Minister
University of Ottawa

Staff since: May 2020 Brandon helps develop Jesus-witnessing communities by discipling students and leaders. He helps students contextualize the gospel in their lives at school, work, with friends and among […]

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Brian Burtchett

Executive Director
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Pacific

Staff since: November 2008 Brian stewards Pioneer Camp’s vision to train young Christian leaders to reach kids with the gospel. He invites and equips staff, volunteers and camp community to […]

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Bryn Vargas

Campus Minister

Bryn invites students to experience who Jesus is. Through bible study and life in community, Bryn leads students to respond creatively to the word of God and know themselves and […]

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Calvin Bennett

Vice President Camp Ministry

Calvin has more than 25 years experience directing children and youth camps, both in the wilderness and inner-city settings. He joined InterVarsity in 2002 as the Executive Director of our […]

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Carl Chang

Senior Financial Analyst
National Resource Team

Staff since: September 2012 As a National Services Staff I seek to resource the camp and campus ministries so that youth, students and graduates are built up in faith, leadership […]

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Cathy Luce

Executive Administrator, Presidential & Corporate Affairs
National Resource Team

Staff since: June 2011 Cathy supports the President of InterVarsity. She also works with the Board. She has 15 years of experience in human resources. She loves hearing stories of […]

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Chancey Kreklo

Food Service Manager
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta - Rocky

Staff since June 2021 As a Camp Staff I seek to encourage and build up children in faith, leadership and love. Please contact me if you want to know more […]

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Charis Goh

Staff Director
British Columbia

Staff since: September 2009 Charis oversees campus ministries in British Columbia by resourcing campus staff and developing relationships with local churches and organizations. She loves watching students and staff grow […]

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Cheralyn Post

Campus Minister
University of Ottawa, Saint Paul University

Staff since: September 2016 Cheralyn leads an international community of students formed around the gospel of Jesus. She longs for every international student on our campuses to have the opportunity […]

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Chris Leong

Board of Directors

Christy Frost

Ministry Partnerships Coach
National Resource Team

Staff Since: February 2021. Christy works to empower staff to overcome internal and external barriers they experience to help them thrive in developing and maintaining ministry partners. She loves assisting […]

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Claudia Cisterna

Assistant Cook & Administrator
Pioneer Camp Alberta

Staff since: May 2020 Claudia is responsible for all administrative areas at the Ranch location, including cabin rentals and group bookings. She is also the Guest Coordinator. She works in […]

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Courtney Smith

Year Round Ministry Registrar
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Ontario

As a Camp Staff I seek to encourage and build up children in faith, leadership and love. Please contact me if you want to know more about the ministry of […]

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Cristy Williams Dagenais

Campus Minister
Carleton University

Staff since: July 2017 Cristy disciples students, leading them to meet, trust and follow Jesus. In turn, she coaches students to disciple their friends. She studied religion, philosophy and ministry, […]

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Cristyn Bergen

Campus Minister
University of Northern British Columbia

Staff Candidate: September 2021. Cristyn desires to disciple students and help them walk closer with Jesus every day in the sacred moments and the mundane. She loves building relationships and […]

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Dan “D-Marty” Martin

Executive Director
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Ontario

Staff since: December 2011 Dan directs the staff and operations at Pioneer Camp. He desires to introduce young people to Christ and see God transform the children and youth of […]

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Dan Clubine

National Project Manager
National Resource Team

Staff since: February 2009 Dan provides leadership direction to projects that have strategic value to the organization. His goal is to remove systemic barriers that keep InterVarsity staff from being […]

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