Calvin Bennett

VP, Camp

Calvin has more than 25 years experience directing children and youth camps, both in the wilderness and inner-city settings. He joined InterVarsity in 2002 as the Executive Director of our largest camp, Pioneer Camp Ontario. Several years ago he moved into a national role to oversee and develop our four Pioneer Camps and five Circle […]

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Ebenezer (Ben) Lall

Chief Financial Officer
National Service Centre

Throughout Ben’s career, God has provided him with opportunities to work in public accounting, a dynamic entrepreneurial environment and in the not-for-profit world. All of these experiences have equipped him to build systems that develop connections and provide stability, while empowering people to be confident in resolving problems on their own. “I am passionate about […]

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Lynda MacGibbon

Vice President of People and Culture
National Service Centre

Lynda first became involved with InterVarsity as a student in 1979. Learning how to live out her faith in the context of community was transformational and Lynda continually seeks out ways for all people – especially youth – to have similar experiences. “When people can engage in authentic and transparent conversations about faith and life […]

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Nigel Pollock

National Service Centre

With 30 years of student ministry experience around the world, Nigel is passionate about relating faith to culture, applying the Bible to the whole of life and encouraging students to become people of influence in every area of life. “We need to help young people live undivided lives so they can make connections between faith […]

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Susie Colby

VP, Campus

As people change, they change the world. Susie learned this lesson 30 years ago as a Stanford University student involved in social justice causes. Upon graduation, she joined InterVarsity USA, eager to help new generations of students become committed followers of Jesus. In 2003, Susie and her husband, Steve, accepted a call with Inter-Varsity Canada. […]

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