Danielle Klingelhofer

Campus Minister
McGill University

Staff since: September 2018 Danielle creates home-away-from-home community for international students, building friendships while discovering Jesus together. She enjoys being part of others journey’s towards transforming faith in Jesus! She […]

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Dave Birrell

Campus Minister
University of Winnipeg

Staff since: March 1998 Dave creates Christian community on campus for Canadians and internationals, where students can explore and deepen faith, develop friendships and make a difference in the world. […]

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Dave Nguyen-Stone

Staff Director
British Columbia

Staff since: 2008 Dave supports staff and students in British Columbia as they encounter the good news of Jesus on campus. He helps create vision for InterVarsity’s work in the […]

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David Kingston

Campus Minister
CEGEPs (Vanier, Dawson)

Staff since: 2010 David longs to see student’s lives changes as they discover God through his word and prayer. He has a particular passion for the movement of God in […]

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Deirdre Walters

Campus Minister
Carleton University

Staff since June 2015 Deirdre partners with the Holy Spirit to introduce Jesus to people and to help them grow in the risky, beautiful, vivid life that is following Jesus. […]

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Derek Joyce

Campus Minister
University of British Columbia, College of New Caledonia (Prince George)

Staff since: 2016 Derek speaks and acts with intention to try to direct students to the hope that is found in Jesus. He loves that he can meet a real […]

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Dom Goold

Campus Minister
Ryerson University

Dom seeks to challenge and empower students to live out their faith in a way that provokes curiosity. She is compelled to advocate and encourage staff and students as they […]

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Emily Crow

Staff Director

Staff since: May 2015 Emily enables and mobilizes world changers. On the daily, she helps staff and students in the GTA follow Jesus into his mission on campus and throughout […]

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Fanny Wang

Campus Minister HSM Toronto and Ministry Partnerships Appreciation Representative
High Schools - Toronto

Staff since: March 2020 Fanny walks with youth as they step into understanding God’s love for them and learn to faithfully follow Jesus with their whole lives. She loves how […]

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Gerry Falk

Campus Minister
University of Saskatchewan (Saskatoon)

Staff since: August 2005 Gerry encourages student leaders to grow in their walk with Jesus. He uses sports to meet and connect with students and longs to represent Jesus to […]

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