Aaron Deagle

Operations & Maintenance Manager
InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Halkirk

As a Camp Staff I seek to encourage and build up children in faith, leadership and love. Please contact me if you want to know more about the ministry of […]

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Aaron Husband

Campus Minister
Concordia University

Staff since: October 2018 Aaron equips students to create a family on campus where the beauty of Jesus can be explored and the power of the gospel can change lives […]

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Abraham Ahn

Accounting Officer
National Resource Centre

Staff Since: November 2021. Abraham is passionate about seeing students and young people discover the love of Jesus. He enjoys building relationships with students, ministry partners, and staff and assists […]

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Aimee Allen

Director of Missions & Campus Minister for Nova Scotia
National Resource Team

Staff since: 2016 Aimee has been involved with InterVarsity since her undergraduate degree, serving as a student leader, and participating in Global and Urban partnerships, as well as attending several […]

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Alaina Johnston

Eastern Ontario Director
Eastern Ontario

Staff since: September 2008 Alaina equips campus staff across the country to grow campus fellowships sustainably. This includes oversight of training new campus ministers. Alaina loves to see student’s lives […]

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Alan Chettle

Campus Minister
University of Alberta

Alan supports young men and women who are contextualizing their faith in Jesus into their academic disciplines to reveal a beautiful, nuanced picture of the kingdom of God. He also […]

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Alan Lensink

Campus Minister
University of British Columbia

Staff since: September 2011 Alan ministers to Masters and PhD students, gathering a community around God’s presence. He helps to create a group of friends sharing the love, truth and […]

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Alan Thorimbert

Campus Minister
University of Victoria & Camosun College

Staff since: August 2016 Alan fosters kingdom-of-God communities of university students choosing to be friends on mission together. These communities invite students in Canada to be lifelong followers of Christ […]

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Alanna Waines

LEAD Program Director, PCA
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta

Staff since: August 2016 (staff kid since 1989) Alanna journeys with interns and seasonal staff as they wrestle with questions about themselves, leadership, walking with Jesus, and living as a […]

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Alejandra Warkentin

Human Resource Generalist
National Resource Team

Staff since: April 2006. Alejandra (hereafter Ali) supports the ministries of InterVarsity by advising organizational policies, procedures and documentation, both routine and complex. She loves that she contributes to a […]

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Alenna (Predon) Husband

Campus Minister
Concordia University, Dawson College

Staff since: September 2018 Alenna fosters welcoming communities among students where young people can catch a glimpse of Jesus. She can’t believe how amazing it is that everyday she gets […]

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Alex Meeking

General Director
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Pacific

Staff since: October 2018 Alex directs summer camp programming, oversees summer staffing and directs life-on-life programs. He has a rich history working in Christian camp and youth ministries. He loves […]

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Alix (Nori) Lanigan

InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Big Clear Lake

Staff since: September 2014 (camp staff since 2018) Alix communicates with camper families and year-round guests, keeping registration and office affairs in order. She often slips out to the kitchen […]

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Andrea Gall

Andrea Gall

Food Service Supervisor & Guest Group Coordinator
Pioneer Pacific Camp

Staff since May 2022 Andrea grew up in the Grand Prairie, AB area, and moved to British Columbia in 2004. Andrea & her husband John joined Pioneer Pacific’s team in […]

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Andrea Richardson

Executive Director
InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Grand River

Staff since: 1993 Andrea oversees summer camps, with special attention to supervising horses, food service, nursing and accounting. She is also a certified Social Service Worker and studying to be […]

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Andrew Morinaga

Graphic Designer
National Resource Team

Staff since: October 2012 Andrew creates graphics to communicate in style with staff, students, campers and partners of InterVarsity. He is passionate about seeing people come to Jesus and become […]

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Ann Siebert

Campus Minister
University of Alberta

Staff since: July 2007 (volunteer since 2000) Ann welcomes international students into community and mentors international student leaders. She hosts bible studies and other events that allow her to serve […]

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Anna Janzen

Administrator & Summer Camp Registrar
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba

Anna (aka Peppo) has enjoyed a myriad of roles at camp throughout her entire life, from being a staff-kid, a camper, to kitchen team leader, canoe instructor, and cabin leader. […]

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Anne Douglas

Director of Coaching
National Resource Team

Staff Since: May 2014. Anne loves walking alongside young people and creating experiences for them to encounter Jesus through worship, community, scripture and service. She leads a coaching team for […]

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Archi Balakumaran

Campus Minister, Artist-in-Residence
OCAD University, National Resource Team

Archi works on campus and nationally to equip students, staff, campers, volunteers, and other friends of InterVarsity, to discover and harness their creative gifts to be used to further the […]

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