Parents of Students,

As a father of three kids, one who is in graduate school, one who is in university and one who is in high school, I have longings for my children during the days ahead, as well as fears. I long that my kids would have great friends, that they would have fun, that they would learn a tremendous amount, and that these days would be special. As a Christian, I long that they would mature, that they would make deep commitments to follow Jesus as they now have the freedom to make these decisions outside of our influence, I would love for them to discover their gifts and apply them with enthusiasm and joy.

Vice President and Director of Campus Ministry, Al Anderson, is pictured here with two of his own children

I fear for many of the negative or destructive influences that they will encounter. As they have fun, I hope that they will show good sense. As they live life to the fullest, I hope that they will stay within certain bounds. As they take appropriate risks, I hope that they will not take inappropriate ones. I long for good for my kids, with adventure, but with a good group of friends who help them and love them and make them the best they could be.

This is the sort of place that I want Inter-Varsity to be for people. A community of support and encouragement that helps woo the best out of them. A safe place that also inspires risk. A place where questions can be asked freely, where ideas and life issues can be wrestled with, and where staff and older students will be good guides. I am longing that every student involved with Inter-Varsity will be mentored well, will be cared for, will be challenged, will be empowered, and will walk more deeply with Jesus because they are a part of our groups. I am working alongside over 100 campus staff to see that this happens.

Al Anderson
Director of Campus Ministries


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