Multicultural/Multi-ethnic Ministry

Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world. People from all nations and cultures have made Canada their home and our schools reflect this ever increasing diversity.

Inter-Varsity is dedicated to intentionally reaching across boundaries that would otherwise separate people. Inter-Varsity believes that Christ has called us into Jerusalem, Judea, and all the world for His glory and so we seek to be witnessing communities that reflect the multi-faceted beauty of the body of Christ.

It is our goal, in both our campus and camping ministries to invite people into participation regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, culture, geography, economic or social status, heritage, beliefs or upbringing. We celebrate that all people are different from one another in some way and are impressing upon those whom we minister to that:

We are all children of God whom He loves and has sent His son, Jesus, to die in the place of.

We are called to reconcile our differences while upholding the inherent value of each individual whom God has chosen to make unique.

We are called to utilize the gifts, abilities and knowledge of each member of the body of Christ to reach the world with integrity for His Kingdom.

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