Geri Rodman, President

Under Geri’s leadership, Inter-Varsity is currently focused on a 10-year goal of Launching 20,000 Extraordinary Kingdom Leaders by 2020.

"We believe God will launch youth and students as Kingdom Leaders who are so transformed by Jesus that nothing will stop their enormous zeal for the things of God."

Geri was appointed president of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Canada in 2002, after spending 23 years leading the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA ministry in Northern California and Hawaii. Educated at the University of Toronto and Wheaton College, Geri is currently enrolled in a Doctor of Ministry program at Gordon-Conwell. She serves on the boards of Regent College in Vancouver, the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada and Water Ambassadors Canada.


Al Anderson, Vice President, Ministry: Camp & Campus

A strategic thinker with a passion for developing leaders, Al focuses his energies on placing well-trained teams of staff in high schools, colleges and universities across Canada.

"Our staff are committed to following Jesus and to helping others become his disciples too. As we place more staff, more students will come to know the transformational power of Jesus Christ."

Al graduated from Stanford University in 1980, where he met his wife, Sue, and also began his involvement with InterVarsity USA. He served the US movement from 1984 until he moved to Canada in 2004. Al has three children: Ian, Jacob and Naomi.

Al has an MBA from the University of Washington, a Master’s of Divinity degree from Fuller Theological Seminary and a D.Min in leadership from Gordon-Conwell Seminary.


Calvin Bennett, Associate Vice-President, Camp

Calvin has more than 25 years’ experience directing children and youth camps, both in wilderness and inner-city settings. He joined Inter-Varsity in 2002 as the Executive Director of our largest camp, Ontario Pioneer. Several years ago he moved into a national role to oversee and develop our four Pioneer Camps and five Circle Square Ranches across Canada.

“I believe camp is the one of the best places for young people to develop a relationship with God. I’ve seen it happen in the lives of my own children, and of thousands of others. Camp is a significant outreach arm for the church in North American.”

A graduate of Tyndale Seminary, Calvin is completing his final course towards graduate studies in Organizational Leadership at Cairn University. Calvin and his wife, JoAnn, live in Muskoka, Ontario with their three daughters, Tori, Rachel and Rebekah.


Susie Colby

Susie Colby, Associate Vice-President, Campus

As people change, they change the world. Susie learned this lesson 30 years ago as a Stanford University student involved in social justice causes. Upon graduation, she joined InterVarsity USA, eager to help new generations of students become committed followers of Jesus. In 2003, Susie and her husband, Steve, accepted a call with Inter-Varsity Canada. The couple and their children, Caleb, Phoebe, and Lily, are now all Canadian citizens.

“Our mission is to launch Extraordinary Kingdom Leaders who will be generous peacemakers and community builders,” says Susie. “We train students in leadership, reconciliation, justice, cross-cultural relating, and more. But fundamentally we call them to become lovers of God and lovers of people.”

Susie’s missional call has included Sierra Leone, Guatemala, Bulgaria, Barbados, and East Asia. She is currently enrolled in a Master of Arts in Global Leadership at Royal Roads University.


Vice President, Advancement

Kim Evans, Vice-President, Advancement and Strategic Operations

With a keen ability to dream big dreams, Kim is advancing the ministry of Inter-Varsity by communicating the story of what God is doing through our camp and campus ministries.

"We are seeing young people’s lives changed by God in huge ways as they come to our camps and campus groups. This is a story worth telling."

Kim’s goal is to share Inter-Varsity’s vision and mission with alumni, donors, churches and the broader Christian community. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Kim practiced law in Ontario before joining Inter-Varsity in 2003. She has served on the boards of Woman Alive, Heritage College and Theological Seminary, Kitchener-Waterloo Crisis Pregnancy Center, and World Team International.

Kim recently completed her MA in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University.


Ben Lall

Ben Lall, Chief Financial Officer

Throughout Ben’s career, God has provided him with opportunities to work in public accounting, a dynamic entrepreneurial environment and in the not-for-profit world. All of these experiences have equipped him to build systems that develop connections and provide stability, while empowering people to be confident in resolving problems on their own.

“I am passionate about connecting with people and opening them up to experience the joy of new possibilities.”

Ben is an experienced CPA and CGA and also holds a CA from India. He has more than 25 years’ experience in accounting and finance, with 15 of those years spent in senior leadership roles.

He, his wife Sangeeta and sons, Siddhant and Arpit, immigrated to Canada from India in 1997. Several years ago the family returned to India as missionaries to serve in an international school. Ben brings both professional competence and missional zeal to his leadership role with Inter-Varsity.


Lynda MacGibbon

Lynda MacGibbon, Associate Vice-President, Communications

Lynda first became involved with Inter-Varsity as a student in 1979. Learning how to live out her faith in the context of community was transformational and Lynda continually seeks out ways for all people – especially youth -- to have similar experiences.

“When people can engage in authentic and transparent conversations about faith and life – and when God is at the centre – everyone’s lives begin to change. I love to see that unfold, particularly in the lives of young people.”

Lynda holds a Bachelor of Journalism from the University of Kings College and has practiced both journalism and public relations for more than 20 years. In 2003, she joined Inter-Varsity full-time as the Campus Ministry Director in New Brunswick and PEI. In 2011 she moved to Toronto to take on the national communications role so she could tell the stories of what God is doing in and through Inter-Varsity across Canada and throughout the world.




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