Lenten Prayer Guide: Good Friday

Good Friday


By Della Ganske

Office Manager, Pioneer Camp Alberta


Reflection: Friday, April 2, 2021

Scripture: John 19:30

(Written after the sudden death of a friend of camp.)

The Call to Light


The phone rings

A voice says

“He has passed away”



A world rocked

A community in turmoil



A community gathering

Sharing what they knew of a stranger who had come into their midst His impact on their lives

Thoughts generated

Conversations held

Stories shared

Tears shed


How to move on?

How to assimilate his existence into ours?

How to assimilate his death into ours?

He wasn’t with us long

Will we be changed by his life?

Will we ponder his words?

Will we be changed by his death?

Will his existence have meaning?

He carried the light

A torch bearer, shining brightly

Coming out of the shadows of a life lived with challenges

Where battles had been fought, lost, reengaged, victories achieved

Always aware they were but one decision away from being turned into defeat again


Human as any of us

Forgetting to be thankful at times Grumbling

Learning how to live in community And then returning to the Father And that sweet spirit shining through Sharing his life


We were touched by his light Will we embrace it?

Will we choose to be changed? Will we make that decision? Or will we not?




Will we allow ourselves to hear the whispers of the Lord? Through one who was unassuming

Aware of his addictions, mistakes

His appearance not socially acceptable

His spirit sweet and gentle Will we?

Will I?


How often do we meet a carrier of the light

A fellow brother or sister

Sometimes lovely in appearance, sometimes not We who are the children of God

and respond not to that light?

We who are encouraged, exhorted, taught and commanded to be carriers of the light Will we pause and ponder what the Lord is saying to us through them?

Will we let ourselves be changed?

Will we let the light in?

Will we accept that gift?

Or will we choose to let the light bounce off and away from us

Its brilliance rapidly dimming and diminishing?

Lost to the shadows?

Thinking that we are not the ones who need the light

It is for others….



“It is finished….”

Said from the Cross On the darkest of days


“It is finished…”

Said from the Cross

The beginning of a cascading light show throughout all of eternity Embrace the light in all its forms

In all of its versions

In all of its whispers

From all of the carriers

So that our lives may begin anew

So that our lives may have meaning

So that our lives may be enhanced

So that our lives may shine brightly

So that we may carry the light


Thank you, John.


Ponder: Let the words of this poem lead you to as you spend time with Jesus and your own grief and loss.


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