Leadership in a Weird Season

By Nicola Pensato


Not everyone can say they did LIT during a pandemic! This year’s Leader-in-Training (LIT) at Manitoba Pioneer Camp was very different from years past. The 10 of us who were part of it bonded in a different way than other years because we were all helping each other cope in a weird season.


It was a wonderful moment when I heard the program was back on again. I was so excited to be able to see my friends and embark on the amazing journey to becoming a leader. At first, when I heard we wouldn’t be able to do a river canoe trip, I was a little disappointed. However, getting to know the other girls, leaders and myself better was an amazing experience I would never give up – not for anything. I love my fellow LITs so much, and we really got close and personal, much more than I ever could have imagined.


Winnipeg Day Camp


Part of our training was to work with a four-week A Rocha day camp in Winnipeg. It was a super neat experience! I had led a cabin before at camp, so this was a new sort of challenge. When you are in a cabin with campers, you grow closer because you’re with them 24/7 and you can pour so much of yourself into them, whether through encouragement, or prayers, hugs and high-fives before bed.


The A Rocha day camp was a whole different experience. though equally as fun. We got to see the kids grow in faith and friendships. We got to see how their eyes would light up when we did an activity they loved. I saw God in the children’s curiosity and joy and I felt God when he gave me strength and patience after a long day.


As LITs, I think most of us were looking forward to becoming closer as a group of strong young women, and even with the changed format, we were able to attain that goal. We all grew stronger mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically and, perhaps due the pandemic, we formed such a strong connection, possibly stronger than LIT groups past.


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Nicola has been attending Pioneer Camp Manitoba since she was 8! She is currently in high school and loves the outdoors.

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