The Journey Forward Cohort is a small group of recent grads who will meet twice a month online to pray and discuss important topics regarding work, vocation, calling, and transitions. We hope you come away with a deeper relationship with God, lifelong friendships in this cohort, a thriving support team, and insight into your own identity.

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The program will run September 1, 2023 through June 30, 2024. We will have an intro Zoom meeting in June and an in-person kickoff party in August.
What is the cost?
The cost is $1600, due by October 1, 2023 to cover program and two in-person retreats. If fundraising is necessary, we are happy to work with participants to raise the funds for the program.


What could I expect in a typical week?
We will talk through topics such as transitions, hearing from God, vocational discernment, spiritual rhythms & practices, spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, sharing your faith at work, culture & conflict, sexuality & singleness, dating & marriage, boundaries, waiting, discouragement & lament. We will also have parties and in-person retreats together to celebrate and enjoy a time of fellowship.
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