How I Overcame the Fear of Sharing My Faith

By Eli

Student Volunteer at Pioneer Camp

2021 was my first of, hopefully, many summers as staff at Pioneer Camp Ontario. The transition from camper to staff allowed me to truly grow in my relationship with God and I am more enthusiastic and involved in my faith than ever before.


When reflecting on my time at camp, God opened my eyes to the work he is doing in my life, primarily through his presence in others. Throughout my time at camp, I began to recognize the inherit personhood and trace of God that exists in everyone around me, whether that be a staff or camper at camp, or colleagues, classmates, teammates, and teachers at home. Since returning home, I believe this realization has helped me become a more gracious and joyful person.

Massive Leap of Faith


Several key factors contributed to the massive leap in my faith, but none more than my campers and senior staff. The discussions I had about faith through the summer led me to a space where I feel considerably more confident in sharing my faith with others.


Towards the end of my time at camp, I had the opportunity to share my testimony with the older boys section at camp. In spite of my nervousness, I was able to speak with a crowd larger than any group I’d ever spoken in front of before, sharing the good news of Jesus’ impact on my life. Although my presentation was not perfect, I could truly feel God’s presence within me. I shared stories of my time prior to camp, and how camp has truly brought me to a place of confidence in my faith that I was beginning to lose throughout the pandemic.

God’s Strength


Leading a chalet of campers was another humbling, yet powerful experience. This was the first moment of my life where I was truly able to give my struggles and myself to God and allow him to work through me in the lives of my campers. During times where I felt exhausted or that I had nothing left to give, I could see God tangibly working. Sometimes God provided support in the form of fellow staff, or directly spoke into the lives of those to whom I was desperately trying to bring to the Gospel. I realized that while it may feel like I am putting in all the effort, God truly is responsible for the 99% and he is the reason I am where I am today.


These encounters at camp have been a major takeaway for me going into my final year of high school and eventually camp next summer. I am now able to find comfort in the fact that God has a plan for my life and that He is always there for me, even when I fail to acknowledge his presence or fall short of his call for me. Throughout the busiest and most hectic days of my life, I am now able to put my trust in God and let him do the 99%, just as he did at camp.

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