If you’re passionate about high school students, our newest internship is for you!


Invest in the lives of high school students. Walk alongside students in their high schools. Imagine the possibilities for conversations, growth, adventure, challenge!


Contact Vanessa Kordupel or Ashley Chan for any inquiries.

Internship duration: from late August to Mid May

Start date: Mid May

End date: September 2021

Location: Calgary

*Cost: $15,000

*Participation is contingent on each intern raising $15,000. We will train you and help you raise this money.
Give 10 months of your life to high school students. It will change you. It will change them. It might just change the world.

The foundation of the internship is life in community with other interns and InterVarsity staff. The building blocks include an intensive curriculum based on scripture, character and leadership studies; plenty of opportunity for hands on ministry; and daily mentorship by seasoned InterVarsity staff.


This will be a year of intensive personal growth that will change your perspective about what it means to be part of the Kingdom of God. As you grow, you will be challenging students to follow your example.


Interns raise support to pay for training costs, room and board and travel.



Internship Application

Internship Reference form

Application Deadline: Feb 15, 2020