Looking to make changes to your account? Want to update your information or adjust your monthly gift? This is the place where all of that can happen.

Go to My Account

To Create a New Account:

1. Enter your email address to receive your one-time access code
2. Enter your access code to enter and manage your account


To Access An Existing Account:

1. Select ‘Have an Account? Login’ and enter your details
2. If you don’t have your password, following the ‘Forgot Password?’ prompts


Through the My Account feature, You Can:

1. Update your personal information (name, address, contact information, credit card information, etc.)
2. Manage your recurring donations
3. View your donation history
Please note that tax receipts are not available through this feature. For questions or inquiries, please contact InterVarsity Donor Services at [email protected] or by phone at 1-800-668-9766.