verb (used with object), cu·rat·ed, cu·rat·ing.

  1. to take charge of or organize
  2. to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation.


Reflections from my Room

By Abby Wilcoxson

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Screenshot of the reflections written by Abby Wilcoxson. Click to read the refelctions.


By Connor Marschall

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Dave Birrell's written work. Click to see larger image.
By Dave Birrell
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By Ethan Ponce


Liturgical Living: Food

By Hannah Guerrero


Can food be a customary practice of worship?

(Many of the videos were taken pre-covid.)



By Jane Tully




Kim on guitar and Jeremy on the slivered almonds

Painting of a boy standing on snow in the dark with couple flames around him. Artwork by Josh Wesey. Links to the larger image.
Artwork by Josh Wesey. Links to the larger image.
By Josh Wesey


By Kat Framst


Meet Khoh!

Though he only came home about three weeks ago he has greatly and positively impacted my mental health. Living alone during the pandemic is hard. With school online there would be days where I wouldn’t leave the apartment and I wouldn’t interact with anyone outside of an online space. This caused my mental health to take a large hit. Having Khoh in my life has caused a huge shift. I now have a routine where we go outside 6+ times a day, two walks, and I have to care for and train another living being. Khoh has allowed me to feel less alone and to rediscover the joy that pets can provide. This video is a sample of the tricks that we have been working on together these past weeks. While he is still learning, it is exciting to get to work with him and watch him grow.



By Matthew Baysa



By Matthew Baysa



By Sarah Penney

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Screenshot of Sarah Penney's reflections. Click to read Sarah's reflections.