How InterVarsity is responding to COVID-19

Undergraduates at University of Toronto St. George


Would you like to experience a community that feels like home while at university? Do you have questions about God or want to learn more about Jesus and Christianity? If so, we’re the group for you!

Our student organization wishes to create a welcoming and supportive, faith-based community where undergraduate students can feel at home throughout university. Through our events, services, and our friendships, we strive to foster hope, joy, peace, and spiritual growth, which we believe will set students up for the best possible university experience! Welcome!


Get Involved in One of Our Groups!


Time: Wednesdays at 7pm

Location: For zoom link, contact Paige at [email protected]


Time: Mondays at 7pm

Location: For this week’s location, contact Michelle at [email protected]


Time: Thursday at 9am

Location: For zoom link, contact Noah at [email protected]


Upcoming Events


Details TBD

Staff & Student Leaders

Katie Mentzer | Staff | [email protected] 
Adrien Petric | Student Leader