How InterVarsity is responding to COVID-19

Undergraduates at University of Alberta


We exist on campus to give people a place to explore Jesus with their peers and classmates in the world of being a student. We love getting the chance to hear about and explore the ways that our worldviews and beliefs have been formed, to have them challenged by others, and to be continually brought into closer relationship with Jesus.


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Prayer from 6-7, bible study from 7-9.

When: Tuesdays from 6-9pm

Where: Online

– Zoom link:
– Meeting ID: 197 945 745
– Password: BibleStudy


Check back soon for events information as we adapt to the realities of Covid on campus.


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Staff & Student Leaders

Hogan Brimacombe | Staff | [email protected]

Sarah Penney | Student Leader | [email protected]

Hannah Lowes | Student Leader | [email protected]

Chase Buhler | Student Leader | [email protected]

Albert Brouwer | Student Leader | [email protected]

Ashley Easingwood | Student Leader | [email protected]