InterVarsity in Southwestern Ontario serves students at the University of Windsor, Western University, Wilfred Laurier, the University of Waterloo, the University of Guelph and McMaster University, and include both Multi-Ethnic and Korean Fellowships. Our communities are places where students can thoughtfully and passionately discover God and what it means to as a messenger of hope with faithful integrity to the Gospel.
The experience of this student and emerging adult generation is often one of profound uncertainty, anxiety and fear – and all the more so in light of the ongoing impacts of the pandemic. Although more superficially connected, many report significant loneliness. While there is an understanding of the importance of spirituality and an openness to exploring what this could mean, there is doubt about the goodness of the Christian Church. In the midst of this, we invite students into meeting Christ, Bible study, deep experiences of community and long-lasting friendships in partnership together to be witnesses to God’s healing and reconciliation for the world.
Student leaders, partners and staff come together to walk with students and emerging adults as they navigate these formational years and transitions. We encourage them to join together to think deeply about truth and culture and to expand their view of how God is at work in the world. We hope that all those involved will experience the joy and sure foundation of allowing Jesus to guide their lives and call others to do the same through this.

How to Get Involved


We believe that student ministry is best done with many sharing their time, gifts, and resources! Our aim is to grow networks of people in each city in South Western Ontario to partner in the mission in various ways.
There are so many ways to join in! Students and emerging adults need people to come alongside them practically and spiritually, champions for who God is forming them to be, enthusiastically seeing that all they need for this to happen is for people to be present. More widely, we need people to share and rejoice in the stories and messages of hope of what God is doing and help discern wisely God’s leading in a world of constant change.
Please prayerfully consider exploring opportunities to get involved in general or with a specific fellowship. We hope that through partnering and sharing, you and the ministry may be blessed by your generosity.
Here are six ways that you can partner with South Western Ontario campus ministry:

1. As Volunteers – Partners who participate directly in the on-the-ground ministry.


2. By Praying – Partners who pray for students and with students


3. As Advocates – Partners who bridge connections with incoming and current students


4. As Ambassadors – Partners who help represent InterVarsity so that more people and can learn about, pray and partner in the ministry.


5. As Advisors – Partners who specifically focus on encouraging, endorsing and giving guidance to staff for the growth of the ministry on campus in theircity.


6, As Resourcers – Partners who provide supplies and funds to bolster the ministry

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Campus Ministry Director


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Campus Minister


Tanner Kennedy

Campus Minister


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