How InterVarsity is responding to COVID-19

International Students at University of Saskatchewan


Welcome to the University of Saskatchewan! InterVarsity provides a community for you, by organizing gatherings and events to get to know one another, the U of S and Saskatoon. If you are a Christian, we will encourage you to continue to know Jesus through Bible study, prayer, worship and service. If you aren’t a Christian and are curious about Christianity, we are happy to meet to talk or to look into the Bible together. Either way, you are welcome at all our events!


Stay Tuned for Small Group Information!


Upcoming Events

We’ll be present on Friday, August 30 at the Welcome for International Students (organized by the ISSAC). Monday, Sept 2 is a holiday in Canada, so there will be limited help on campus. Contact us if you need help with moving in at your housing or need a ride to a grocery store, or anything else! On Tuesday, look for us at the U of S Welcome Day. We’ll have a table set up with all the other club groups (likely in the main grass area called the Bowl, in the middle of the university).


Location: University campus

Contact: [email protected]


Shirley Falk | Staff | [email protected]