How InterVarsity is responding to COVID-19

Undergraduates at McGill University


Our McGill community is open to both undergraduate and graduate students. We are a community where students are invited to love one another and be loved by God. Through weekly bible studies and fellowship-wide events, we encourage students to uncover what it means to serve others and follow Jesus, both on campus and in the greater Montreal community. As part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship of Canada, our community gathers students, in all their ethnic diversity, to grow in their relationship with God. Through prayer, worship, and fellowship we area community that walks by faith and seeks to make God known on campus. Our community is open to people of all faith backgrounds and those that don’t identify with a faith or those that are interested in exploring faith for the first time.


Get Involved in One of Our Groups!

When: Tuesdays, 6:30pm

Where: Presbyterian Residence Lounge – location may change in future weeks

When: Thursdays, 6:30pm

Where: Presbyterian Residence Lounge – location may change in future weeks


When: Mondays, 6pm

Where: Prez college downstairs

Details TBD


Contact us for more information.


When: Mondays, 6:30pm

Contact us for more information.


When: Every other Monday


Upcoming Events


When: Sunday, September 22nd, 3pm – 9pm

Where: Karaoke La Muse (12 dollars)


When: Monday, September 30, 7pm

Where: Presbyterian College, Auditorium,

Details TBD


When: Saturday, October 5


When: Sunday, October 6

Details TBA


When: October 11-12

Where: Presbyterian College


When: Monday, October 14, 7pm

Where: Presbyterian College, Auditorium

Details TBD


When: Saturday, October 26


Morgan Fournier | Staff | [email protected] 
Sebastian Lee | Staff | [email protected]