How InterVarsity is responding to COVID-19

Undergraduates at Dalhousie University / University of King's College


InterVarsity at Dalhousie is a group of students going after the flourishing of the world through Jesus. We spend time learning about who Jesus is and connecting with Him – then we help each other live authentically from the transformation we experience in Holy Spirit. We want to see love, healing, and hope spark a revolution of people being their best selves at Dal, and in Halifax.


Stay tuned for small group information!


Upcoming Events

Welcome/worship night is a collaborative effort between various campus ministries and local churches. We are giving incoming and returning students a chance to connect with each other, to meet with local pastoral leaders, and to start the school year by worshipping Jesus together. We want people to have an easy opportunity to get plugged into supportive and growthful communities from jump. Check out the event page on facebook for more info.


Date: September 13th, 7pm

Location: Facebook Livestream (details on the event page)


Sanjana Daniel | Staff | [email protected]