How InterVarsity is responding to COVID-19

Undergraduates at Carleton University


InterVarsity at Carleton is a place where people of all backgrounds can explore and grow in their relationship with Jesus. We ask our questions about God and search for answers together, welcome people from all over the world into our university family, and share about God’s love and His desire for justice with our campus. We pray together, read Scripture together, and invite those around us to experience Jesus, too.


Get Involved in One of Our Groups!

Engineers and other science students also welcome.


Location: Patterson 115

Time: Wednesdays at 7

Contact: Josh Geauvreau

For all you Moseses and Daniels and Ruths of the world, who have lived in multiple cultures and are figuring out who you are and how to follow Jesus in your unique experience.


Location: 9th Gelngarry

Time: Mondays at 7

Contact: Tife Bode

On or off campus, you’re welcome to join us in our residence-hosted small group. You’ll find a home away from home as we support each other and challenge each other to grow in our faith during the ups and downs of first year.


Location: Res Com Tim Hortons

Time: Wednesdays at 7

Contact: Matthew Siu

First year, upper year, on or off campus, Canadian or international, all are welcome here. If you come, you’ll belong.


Location: Res Com Tim Hortons

Time: Tuesdays at 7

Contact: Deirdre Walters


Upcoming Events

Dry party with board games, video games, and a creative corner.


Date: Friday, September 6

Location: UC282

Contact: Tife Bode


Date: Friday, Sept 27 – Saturday, Sept 28

Time: 7pm to 7pm

Location: Waupoos Family Farms

Contact: Deirdre Walters

Staff & Student Leaders

Deirdre Walters | Staff | [email protected] 

Matthew Siu | Student Leader | [email protected]

Tife Bode | Student Leader | [email protected]