Exciting things are happening with young people in British Columbia! Youth are discovering God’s love in creation at Pioneer Pacific Camp, while young men and women offer leadership to the next generation at camp and on college and university campuses. The faith of students is growing as they let the gospel influence their life-decisions, and graduates are entering the workplace equipped to integrate their faith and vocation.

There is Growing Momentum in British Columbia as we are seeing the faith of the next generation grow during these crucial years of faith development.

IVCF BC Camper



We are working together across BC ministries to grow faith in the next generation through the crucial years of growing up. But we need your help as we gather momentum for mission in BC.

Pioneer Camp Pacific


  • Year End Goal: $60,000
  • Help us fund our summer leadership programs for summer 2023.
  • Help us fund year-round and summer staff for 2023.
  • Help contribute to ongoing site re-development.



  • Year End Goal: $25,000
  • Help us fund scholarships for Spring Scripture Camp.
  • Help us reach out to new campuses in the province.
  • Help us fund new staff in the region.



  • Year End Goal: $10,000
  • Help prepare students for the transition into the workplace
  • Help us train volunteer leaders for this new ministry area.
  • Help us develop resources for high school graduates who enter the workplace.



  • Year End Goal: $5,000
  • Help us jump-start a renewed High School Ministry in the province.
  • Help us strengthen partnerships with local ministries.
  • Help us develop new communications tools for the region

IVCF BC Students



InterVarsity’s mission is lived out by a community of students, volunteers, alumni, ministry partners, staff, advocates, and people of prayer. If you would love to participate in our ministry in any capacity, or would like to receive regular updates and prayer requests, please feel reach out to us at [email protected].




Our everyday work is supported by the generosity of this community. If you would like to financially support to any of the ministries or individuals in British Columbia, you can find them in this giving form.