Are YOU Going to MARKcamp?

You’re sitting in a room with twenty of your peers, hunched over the table, penning questions and notes over printed out pages of the Bible. You spend the next couple of hours diving into your questions- Who are the Pharisees? Why would Jesus talk to a Samaritan woman? Who do people say Jesus is? You discover details you’d never noticed before, hearing Jesus speak into the stress you’ve been facing at school or affirm your sense of calling. Maybe he even challenges you to try something you’ve never tried before.


Altogether, MARKwest, MARKcentral and MARKeast together host more than 600 participants  at seven locations across Canada. Join fellow students, all committed to investing 40 hours in an in-depth study of the books of Mark or Genesis.  It’s all about renewal, challenge and discovery—are YOU going to MARKcamp?


Register for MARKcamp today and find out if a single question could change your life.


Register for MARKcamps

Register for MARKwest

  • PACIFIC For the following campuses – UVIC, UBC, SFU, Emily Carr, UNBC, College of New Caledonia. REGISTER HERE.
  • ROCKY For the following campuses – Alberta- GPRC, University of Alberta, Olds College, University of Calgary, U of L, SAIT/ACAD. REGISTER HERE.
  • MANITOBA  For the following campuses – University of Manitoba, University of Winnipeg, Lakehead University, Brandon University. REGISTER HERE.
  • SASKATCHEWAN For the following campuses – University of Regina, University of Saskatchewan. REGISTER HERE.

Register for MARKcentral

  • BIG CLEAR LAKE For the following campuses – Carleton University, Queen’s University, University of Ottawa. REGISTER HERE.
  • PIONEER CAMP ONTARIO For the following campuses – all campuses in Toronto and SW Ontario. REGISTER HERE.

Register for MARKeast

  • MARKeast For the following campuses – all campuses in Montreal and Atlantic Canada. REGISTER HERE.


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