Matt Allen

Campus Minister
Dalhousie University

Matthew creates space for students to ask questions about God and explore what it looks like to have a personal relationship with him. He encourages students to dive into Scripture […]

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Melissa Chettle

Melissa Chettle

Campus Minister
University of Alberta

Staff since: September 2014 Melissa offers radical hospitality to international students. In the process she invites them to explore who Jesus is and become his disciples. She loves how as […]

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Melody Chook Reid

Campus Director
Eastern Ontario

Staff since: September 2008 Melody comes alongside students and staff to encourage them to hear from God, follow his prompting, and be faithful witnesses on campus and in their neighbourhoods. […]

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Michelle Jenkins profile

Michelle Jenkins

Board of Directors Vice-Chair

Nate Rempel

Program Director
Pioneer Camp Manitoba

Staff since: January 2020 Nate organizes the summer program for Pioneer Camp Manitoba. He also works with summer staff throughout the year, creating community and opportunities for discipleship. He is […]

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Nathan Thompson

Director of Communications and Marketing
National Resource Team

Staff since: January 2011 Nathan helps lead a team of communicators who work with staff and students across Canada to share stories of how God is at work. He and […]

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Neil Steward

Executive Director
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba

Staff since: March 2012 Neil works with the year-round team to train and prepare staff and volunteers to serve campers and guests. Through serving, young people are invited to draw […]

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staff placeholder

Nicola (Nicky) Laxton-Ward

Campus Director

As a Staff Director I empower and develop strong Campus Staff who encourage and build up high school students in faith, leadership and love. Please contact me if you want […]

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Nigel Pollock

National Resource Team

With 30 years of student ministry experience around the world, Nigel is passionate about relating faith to culture, applying the Bible to the whole of life and encouraging students to […]

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Nyssa Clements

Campus Minister
British Columbia

Staff since: February 2011 Nyssa walks alongside undergraduate students as they grow in faith through studying scripture, praying together, and by sharing the love of Jesus on campus. Her passion […]

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Patricia (Tricia) Pearring Chen

National Resource Team

Staff Since: July 2021. Tricia spent 15 years doing missions works in East Asia, and as a student, she studied Intercultural Studies. She enjoys reading a good book and getting […]

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Patrick Palmer

Campus Minister
University of New Brunswick Fredericton, St. Thomas University

Staff since: September 2019 Patrick walks with students as they grow during their university years. He guides them to deepen their faith in Jesus while developing soft skills and growing […]

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Peter Dearborn

Generation to Generation and Development Director
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Manitoba

Staff since: May 1990 Pete oversees renovations and new building projects to prepare the site for the next generation of campers and staff. He has a wealth of experience including […]

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Pete Ott

Peter Ott

National Director of Campus Ministry

Staff since: December 2002 Peter began his involvement with InterVarsity as a university student where he had a profound encounter with God that changed the trajectory of his life. He […]

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Priya Chinta

Priya Chinta

Board of Directors

Puiwing Wong

Board of Directors Chair

Rachael Hildebrandt

Program Director
InterVarsity Circle Square Ranch Spruce Woods

Staff since: November 2015 Rachael has the privilege of leading the spring staff team and year-round volunteers through discipleship, teaching and day-to-day direction. She also oversees the barn and takes […]

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Rachel Fyre

Rachel Fyfe

Campus Minister
University of Saskatchewan

Rachel loves working with students and building a community where people feel at home. She works with undergraduate students, both Canadian and International students. She loves to study scripture and […]

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Rachel Schmidt

Special Programs Director & Lodge Summer Director, PCA
InterVarsity Pioneer Camp Alberta

Rachel supports volunteers and seasonal staff as they adventure with kids at summer camp. She previously managed year-round programs and rentals. She loves helping young people find a place where […]

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Rachelle Low

Campus Director
University of Saskatchewan

On staff since: September 2011 Rachelle stewards InterVarsity’s vision in Saskatchewan by developing, equipping and empowering staff and students to be faithful followers of Jesus. She loves witnessing transformation in […]

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