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6 comments on “A New Look for Pioneer Camps and Circle Square Ranches!

Very Disappointed

I really question if you reviewed these changes with key stakeholders? Frankly I find the changes unnecessary and rebranding is risky business. These camp names form a connection with campers, families and donors, and to change the names with no client consultation is short-sighted and disrespectful to the history of these places. I can’t express the depth of my disappointment with IVCF and also know that in practice my camp will never be called what you arbitrarily named it. Badly done IV, it’s getting hard to defend these national decisions that are calling an organization I’ve always supported into disrepute.

    Lynda MacGibbon

    Thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts on our changes. We’ve been working on unifying and strengthening the connection between all our ministries for more than five years now and we have consulted and talked with many key stakeholders through the process. We know that changes like this will disappoint some people but we believe it’s important to name our ministries in ways that make what we do clear to people who don’t know us as well as those who do. Historically, going back to the beginnings of InterVarsity (nearly 90 years ago) our camp and campus ministries were intricately linked and allowed us to walk alongside young people from childhood into young adulthood. Over the years we believe we lost some capacity to do that as our ministries have been named in more individual ways.

Rachel Williams

Just wondering if intervarsity was aware that in renaming Pioneer Pacific Camp to Intervarcity Pioneer Camp Pacific they have also renamed the well-used acronym PPC to PCP (or IVPCP), also known as angeldust, a dessociative streetdrug.

    Lynda MacGibbon

    Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for taking the time to write to us. We are actually hoping that, more and more, people will not use the acronyms of our names but refer to the camp as Pioneer Camp in the short form. We hope that as we do that we’ll reach people who don’t know what we do or what we are about. We do know that it’s hard to change the way people are used to referring to places they know and care about so we don’t expect the change to come swiftly. But we’re hopeful it will happen over time. We really do want more people to know what we do, both at camp and on campus all across Canada and making our names clearer is one way of doing that.

    Lynda MacGibbon

    Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to read our posts. Peace and grace to you each day.

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