Top 3 Benefits of Joining a Faith Community on Campus

Few transitions in life are as difficult as making the move to college or university. New faces, new places and new responsibilities drop into a student’s life all at once! Whether you’re starting school this month or sending a new student off to campus, here are three reasons why joining a faith community can be a significant blessing.

1. Different Perspectives

Jesus invites people from all walks of life to follow him, and this can be reflected in the students he brings together on campus. As they spend time together at events and retreats, dive into passages from the Bible, and chat over coffee, students will become friends with peers who are different than them. Friends who will ask questions they wouldn’t have thought of during Bible study; friends who bring food they’ve never heard of to the community potluck — and hand them the recipe! Being part of a diverse community rooted in a unifying love for Jesus gives students the chance to become more culturally aware, deepen respect, and discover how to truly love their neighbours.


2. Community in Context

One of the greatest benefits of joining an on-campus faith community is that it’s on campus! Life at college and university is unique in its stresses, schedule, and responsibilities. Having friends who are dedicated to their relationship with God while also coping with all the essays and exams can be a huge encouragement. Whether it’s having a friend to pray for them before a big test or sharing the relief of a holiday retreat with classmates in their fellowship, on-campus faith communities can be a source of motivation and support like few others.

3. Supplementing Communities at Home

Students who have been part of a supportive church at home know what a blessing that is. Joining a campus group can be a great way to supplement that at-home community, especially if they’re moving across cities or provinces. If they’re still active in their home church while at school, students who are part of a campus fellowship can partner with their church during events and worship times. During a season when a lot of young adults tend to drift away from church, this can be an easy way for them to continue investing with the people who love them!
These are just a few of the many reasons why being part of a campus fellowship is so great. We hope you’ll encourage the students in your life to accept invitations to join a campus group. In the coming weeks, many Christian students will be hosting information tables on campus so they can meet as many new students as possible. Your word of encouragement could be just what they need to begin university in the company of a great group of friends!

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