Staff Picks 2021 Podcasts

Welcome back! This is the third of our three 2021 Lists in Review. In this list we are featuring the podcasts we commuted and cleaned to. These shows will make you think deeply, help you be mindful, and make you nose laugh (you know what I mean – that “laugh” that’s essentially a series of sharp exhales). We’re bringing you 6 suggestions for your listening pleasure (plus a cheeky bonus one at the very end)! Read on to find your new replacement for talk radio.


Volunteer Youth Worker Podcast

(Truth Matters Ministries)

Staff: Vanessa Kordupel, Highschool Ministry Director, Calgary & National


“I have really appreciated how practical and helpful it is!”

You’re Dead to Me

(BBC Radio 4)

Staff: Sanjana Daniel, Digital Ministry Specialist & Evangelism Minister


“It’s a history podcast! Though hosted by the BBC, it covers a broad range of world history across several time periods, locations, and cultures. Each episode features a professional comedian, an expert historian, and show host, Greg Jenner. (If you’re worried about salty language, check out the Radio Edit versions; and, if you’re looking for a history podcast that’s made for kids, head over to Jenner’s other BBC 4 podcast, Homeschool History.)”

Holy Post

(Sky Pilot Media & Phil Vischer Enterprises)

Staff: Patrick Palmer, Campus Minister, UNB/STU


“This is one of those podcasts that I go back to at least every two weeks. Hosted by VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer and author/pastor Skye Jethani, this podcast has provided laughs, insights, and thought-provoking stuff! I appreciate the commentary on today’s topics as well as the guest speakers they bring in to discuss a lot of relevant topics. If that weren’t enough, they also have a segment called “news of the butt”, which is really funny (and only sometimes gross).”

Desert Island Discs

(BBC Radio 4)

Staff: Alex Meeking, Interim Team Lead, Pioneer Camp Pacific

Sabbath 101


Staff: Alan Thorimbert, Campus Minister, University of Victoria


“Technically this podcast was made in 2020, but I still think it’s gold. Of course, I’m a bit biased as I helped craft this nifty experiment with Derek Joyce and Terri Harbut. Imagine a 12-week guide to help the Canadian Church slowly begin experimenting with a full day, weekly Sabbath. That’s exactly what this podcast is. With solid scripture interpretation, compelling parables, and weekly challenges, this Podcast from InterVarsity BC can be used for your personal spiritual formation or with a small group. There are many things I love about the podcast, but one of them is how accessible it is.”

That just about wraps it, for us. As promised, if the above suggestions weren’t quite enough, or featured episodes that are just a little too long, get this – our President, Nigel Pollock has his own podcast, where he spends just 10 mins a day trying to Encourage the Good! We think it’s pretty great! (And it offers a great opportunity to practice your Scottish accent. Because no one wants to keep sounding like Mel Gibson )

If you missed our previous posts about music and books, you can find them here ? and here ?. And you can still reach us on Instagram, or Facebook, if you want to share your 2021 picks with us.

May you find nourishment, joy, and rich imagination from the stories yet to be shared in the year ahead.

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