10 Ways to Be a Camp Person 365 Days a Year

#1. Camp song time is all the time


When asked if you want a banana you yell “Bananas unite”! Include actions dramatic enough to make the cat jump and scare the banana out of its peel.

Or, perhaps you spot a friend drinking juice… sing a little “waaaay-o waaaay-o”, along with a sneaky wink to let them know that you ARE aware that they are secretly a sticky moose on the loose.


#2. Message a camp friend


Get in touch just to say “Hey, I miss you. Remember that time we _________”.

Perhaps you remember the great ___________________ incident of 2018. Or wonder if the legend of _________________ was for real.


#3. Break out your sleeping bag


Level 1: Sleep in a sleeping bag on your bed. Booooring.

Level 2: Sleep on the carpet to simulate camp mattresses, adding creaky bunk sounds. Whisper “turn your flashlight off” to remind yourself of your favourite camp counselor.

Level 3: Awkwardly change into your bathing suit while inside of your sleeping bag. Bonus points if your shorts end up inside out and backwards.

Level 4: Inside the sleeping bag, keep some used flashlight batteries, your favourite pet rock and a few mismatched socks (one with an iron-on label that says “Derek Mitterhen”… was he even in our cabin?).


#4. Give a little “whooah”


*This one is for the horse camp campers*

Dad driving too fast? Give him a nice calm “woooooah” (and sit deep in the saddle pulling the reigns back towards your hips).

Little sister taking her time on her bike? A few clicky-sounds should encourage the trot.


#5. Clean your “cabin”


From now on refer to cleaning your room as “cabin clean-up”. Be sure to dust, straighten towels and put anything messy far enough under your bed that the judges will pass on by. Booby-traps optional, but if you are going to set them up, make ‘em good.


#6. Portage everything


*this one is for the paddlers and canoe trippers*

Lift everything as if you are about to flip a canoe – “I, 2, 3, FLIP”.

Oh, you were just moving your laundry to the machine like your mom asked? And you did the full flip? Ya, you might need to pick up all those stinky t-shirts off the floor now…


#7. Worship with all your heart


Nothing brings peace, joy and hope like spending time with Jesus. Worshipping just means loving God with all our hearts. You don’t need a camp band to spend time with God. Look up some worship music or just take a minute to remember God.


#8. Figure-eight climbing knots are very useful


*this one’s for all the climbers out there*

Every time you need to tie anything, bust out that fancy figure-eight tangle. Yes, your shoes may be a little harder to get off from now on. Be sure to dress the knot neatly and finish off with “Are my spotters ready? Am I on belay? Can I climb?”

Need a refresher? No problem, you can learn the classic figure-eight knot right here


#9. Nail some picture-perfect jumps


Maybe you practiced your fancy jumps off the dock into the refreshing lake with all your buddies. Or maybe it was off a diving board or even a hay bale.

Either way, you’ll need practice for next summer. Get as much air as possible off curbs, park benches, maybe even the porch.

Go for the classic arms-up with knees to the side, the full “X” or the more advanced V-bop-squat formation (okay, we made that up).


#10. Dress “fancy”


Some camps have banquets, others themes or skits… don’t let the tradition slide just because you are home. Show up to a family meal in fine attire. We’re talking bow ties, KNEE-LENGTH skirts and/or superhero costumes (towel-capes encouraged).


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